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<br />'- <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH <br />MINUTES <br />Thursday, March 15, 2001 <br /> <br />Board ,\1ember.r: <br />Dan TittenlCSJ'. jJember - COIIl1(V Commissioner District #1 <br />Glen HuntÙt)!lôrd, A1ember· Coun(v CommÙJioner DÙ/rid #2 <br />l{jrhard Jr"ojt. . Hember - County Commissiomr Distnd #3 <br />Ge~!I~y MtJ,fà, ;'vlember - Port Town.fenJ City Council <br />}ill Buhler, Chaimwn - Hospital CommisJioner ÐÙtrid #2 <br />Sheila We,ftemlan, [-ice ('/;ainnarl - Citizen at LlI:ge (C/~Y) <br />Roberta FriJsetï - Citizen at (Coun!)) <br /> <br />StaffA[embers: <br />Jean Baldwirl, J\"ursif(g SemiæJ Director <br />LaI7J' f·"?!'y. EmÙonmental Health Diredor <br />ThomaJ" Locke. l\1D. Health qjfìær <br /> <br />Chairman Buhler called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. All Board and Staff members were <br />present with the exception of Commissioner Wojt. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> <br />In the February Minutes, under the Section "Approval of Minutes," the sentence that reads "In <br />paragraph three, Member Westerman seconded the motion" should instead read "In paragraph three, <br />Member Westerman seconded the motion instead of Commissioner Wojt, noting that Commissioner <br />Wojt was not in attendance." <br /> <br />Member Masci moved to approve the February minutes as corrected. Member Frissell seconded the <br />motion, which carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />PUBLIC COMMENTS <br /> <br />Dale Wurtsmith spoke of his concerns about the lack of a program and test for the licensing of <br />O&M specialists as provided for in the revised on-site sewage code. The creation of his new (O&M) <br />business is dependant upon the completion of a test currently under development by the Washington On- <br />Site Sewage Association (WQSSA), which the County would then administer. He asked the County to <br />consider issuing a temporary license to experienced individuals who have met training guidelines. He <br />also recommended that applicants have up to six (6) months to successfully pass the test and comply <br />with State guidelines. <br /> <br />Chuck Molisky, a representative of Goodman Sanitation, said while he is also supportive of <br />instituting interim O&M licensing, his concern relates to new requirements for inspections at the time of <br />sale. Goodman is interested in performing inspections of conventional systems along with other septic <br />services. Allowing other trained personnel perform inspections would speed up the inspection process, <br />facilitate real estate transactions, and allow the property owner access to one-stop shopping thereby <br />