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<br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH <br />MINUTES <br />Thursday, July 19, 2001 <br /> <br />Board Members: <br />Dan Titterness, Member - County Commissioner District #1 <br />Glen Huntingford, Member - Counry Commissioner DiJ'trid #2 <br />Richard Wqjt, Member - County Commissioner District #3 <br />Geriffrry Masd, Member - Port Townsend Ciry Coundl <br />Jill Buhler, Chairman - Hospital Commissioner District #2 <br />Sheila Westerman, V'ice Chairman - Citizen at Lcl1:ge (Ciry) <br />Roberta Frissell - Citizen at Lcu:ge (Counry) <br /> <br />Staff Members: <br />Jean Baldwin, Nursing Services Director <br />Larry Fqy, Environmental Health Director <br />Thomas Locke, MD, Health qflicer <br /> <br />Chairman Buhler called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. All Board and Staff members were present. <br />Member Masci moved to approve the agenda. Commissioner Huntingford seconded the motion, which <br />carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> <br />Member Masci moved to approve the minutes of June 21, 2001. Commissioner Huntingford seconded <br />the motion, which carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />OLD BUSINESS <br /> <br />Consumer Reports and WSMA Reports Articles on Vaccine Safety: This information was provided <br />as a prelude to a follow-up study the Department of Health will conduct in October on school <br />immunization exemption rates. Jefferson County has one of the highest exemption rates in the state at <br />8.9%. While it is believed this percentage can be improved, it is not expected to reach the statewide <br />average of 3%. <br /> <br />Dr. Tom Locke noted that in addition to efforts in the schools, nurses from the Health Department have <br />provided information on a case-by-case basis. He also noted that there is currently an outbreak of <br />pertussis (whooping cough). <br /> <br />Member Frissell suggested that Dr. Locke rerun last year's Leader article on vaccinations before the <br />school year begins. <br /> <br />Commissioner Huntingford asked what recourse parents of vaccinated children have against those kids <br />without vaccinations who are nonetheless attending school. Dr. Locke said there is no recourse. <br />Although it is often after the fact, once an outbreak reaches the school, unvaccinated kids are sent home. <br />He said there are states that do not have an exemption; if you are not vaccinated, you are not allowed in <br />