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<br />NOTICE OF HEALTH BOARD <br />MEETING TIME CHANGE <br />The Jefferson County Board of Health <br />has changed the time of their regular <br />monthly meeting scheduled for Thursday, <br />January 20,2000, at 2:30 p.m., to Thurs- <br />day, Jar1JaIY20, 200Qat 1:30 p.m. atthe <br />Hea/Ih and Human ServiceS Department. <br />Next month the regular schedule for <br />this ~ will be resl.ll16Ci, which is the <br />third ThurSdaY of eact'I mon1h (FebrOary <br />17,20(0) from 2:30 p.m. to ~:30 p.m. at <br />the Health and Human Sørv┼ôs Depart- <br />ment <br />>i;,~ We¥. Chairman 1034M 1/19 <br /> <br />Affidavit of Publication <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON) <br />SS <br />COUNTY OF JEFFERSON) <br /> <br />scon WILSON. being sworn, says he is the publisher of the Port <br />Town:3end Jefferson County Leader, a weekly newspaper which has <br />been established. published in the English language and circulated <br />continuously as a weekly newspaper in the town of Port Townsend in <br />said County and State. and for general circulation in said county for <br />more than six (6) months prior to the date of the first publication of the <br />Notic'3 hereto attached and that the said Port Townsend Jefferson <br />County Leader was on the 27th day of June 1941 approved as a legal <br />newspaper by the Superior Court of said Jefferson County and that <br />anne);ed is a true copy of the <br /> <br />Notice of Health Board mtg time <br />change <br /> <br />as it appeared in the regular and entire issue of said paper itself not in <br />a supplement thereof for a period of 1 consecutive weeks, <br />beginning on the~day of Jan ,20J)JL, <br />& ending on the -1..9..- day of J an .20-º-º-.. <br />and that said newspaper was regularly distributed to its subscribers <br />durinoall of this period. That the full amount of $ 18.00 <br />has been paid in full, at the rate of $9.50 ($9.00 for legal notices re- <br />ceived electronic <br /> <br />tion. <br /> <br /> <br />Publisher <br /> <br />Subscribed and sworn to Defore me this_~day of Jan <br />20~~ /) ì ¡J~ <br />t.-JG¿~ ~L:~i¿~/~ <br /> <br />-U-~i Public in and tor the State of Washington <br />residing at Port Hadlock <br />