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<br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH <br />MINUTES <br />Thursday, February 17,2000 <br /> <br />Board Members: <br />Dan Harpole, Member - County Commissioner District #1 <br />Glen Huntin¿ford, Member - County CommÙJioner Di.rtrict #2 <br />Richard IF'qjt, Member - County Commissioner District #3 <br />GeoJfrry Ma.rá, Member - Port TownJend City Counál <br />Jill Buhler, Vice-Chairman - Hospital Commis.rioner District #2 <br />Sheila W'esterman, Member (Ci!y) <br />Robe11a Frimll, Chairman, Citizen at La¡;ge (County) <br /> <br />Staf/Members: <br />Jean Baldwin, Nursing Services Director <br />Larry Fqy, Environmental Health Director <br />Thomas Locke, MD, Health Ojficer <br /> <br />Chairman Frissell called the meeting to order at 1:37 p.m. in the auditorium of Jefferson General <br />Hospital. All Board and staff members were present with the exception of Commissioner Harpole. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> <br />Commissioner Wojt moved to approve the minutes of the January 20, 2000 meeting. Member Masci <br />seconded the motion which carried by unanimous vote. <br /> <br />PUBLIC COMMENTS -- None <br /> <br />OLD BUSINESS <br /> <br />Syringe Exchane:e Program Update: See written report. <br /> <br />Foodborne Illness Investigation: See written report. Dr. Tom Locke said attempts to get <br />legislators to approve the creation of a state fund to cover outbreaks of foodbome illness and other <br />public health emergencies have been unsuccessful. Food Safety Inspector Susan Porto is interested in <br />looking at food handling in service clubs, but a higher priority is getting the message out to unregulated <br />organizations. <br /> <br />Immunization Exemption Update: See interim report. <br /> <br />Draft Letter Re: Transit Cutbacks: Member Masci recommended the draft letter be <br />withdrawn and instead be brought before the Joint Meeting of the Board and the Jefferson General <br />Hospital Commission. <br />