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<br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH <br />MINUTES <br />Thursday, November 22,2000 <br /> <br />Board J\;lembers: <br />Dan Hmpole, l'Vlember- COllnty CommiJ.rioner DiJtrict #1 <br />Glen Huntingford, Member - C()un~y CommiJJioner DiJtrid #2 <br />Richard Wqjt, Alember - County Commi.r.rioner Di.rtlict #3 <br />Geoffrry MaJ.i, Member - Port TownJend City Coumil <br />Jill Buhler, Vice-Chairman - HosPital Commissioner Di.rtrid #2 <br />Sheila We.rterman, Citizen at urge (City) <br />Roberta FriJSell, Chairman, Citizen at urge (Coun(y) <br /> <br />StaffMember.r: <br />.lean Baldwin, NlIrsi1{g Services Director <br />urry Fqy, En/Jironmental Health Director <br />ThomaJ Locke, MD, Health O.fficer <br /> <br />Chairman Frissell called the meeting to order at 1:30 p,m, All Board and staff members were present, <br />with the exception of Member Masci. The agenda was revised to include an update on the Ray and Liann <br />Vines Ruling. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> <br />Member Buhler moved to approve the minutes of the October 19, 2000 meeting. Member Westerman <br />seconded the motion, which carried by unanimous vote. <br /> <br />OLD BUSINESS <br /> <br />UPDATE ILLEGAL DUMPING ACTION - LINDA SEXTON: Prosecutor Dalzell has <br />recommended that the Board hold an Executive Session to discuss enforcement procedures and options. <br />Chairman Frissell proposed that this item be discussed at the Health Board meeting in December. It was <br />suggested that the County Administrator be included in this discussion. Staff agreed to follow up and <br />confirm the availability of the Prosecutor's Office and County Administrator. <br /> <br />NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />RAY AND LIANN VINES RULING: Larry Fay said that the Department issued a permit this <br />week after the Superior Court ruled in favor of Mr. Vines. Larry Fay agreed to provide the Board with a <br />copy of the opinion. Procedurally, the Health Department and Board of Health's actions were in line. <br />The Court looked to whether the zoning code was clear and explicit and agreed with Mr. Vines' attorney <br />that the Planning Department should not have considered the opinion offered by the hearing examiner in <br />another case. In the absence of an explicit policy in the zoning code, there was no prohibition for <br />withholding the permit. He indicated that while there was a violation of covenants, the neighbors would <br />have to pursue the case as a civil issue. <br />