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<br />-.;;;::~ <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH <br />MINUTES <br />Thursday, February 15, 2007 <br /> <br />Board Members: <br />Phil Johnson-- County Commissioner District #1 <br />David Sullivan - County Commissioner Distrid #2 <br />John Austin, Vice Chairman - County CommisJioner District #3 <br />Jill Buhler - Hospital Commissioner District #2 <br />GeoffAlasci - Port Townsend City Council <br />Sheila Westerman - Citizen at Large (City) <br />Roberta FriSJ'ell, Chair- Citizen at Lalge (County) <br /> <br />St~ffMembers: <br />Thomas Locke, MD, Health Ojjicer <br />Jean Baldwin, Public Health Services Director <br />Julia Danskin, Nursing Programs Director <br />Mike McNickle, Environmental Health & <br />Water Quality Director <br /> <br />Meeting was called to order at 2:30 pm on February 15,2007 by Vice Chair Austin in the <br />conference room of Jefferson County Public Health. All Board members were present with the <br />exception of Members Phil Johnson and Roberta Frissell. A quorum was present. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF AGENDA <br /> <br />Member Masci made a motion to approve the Agenda as presented. Board Member Buhler <br />seconded the motion, which passed by unanimous vote. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> <br />Board Member Masci moved to approve the minutes of January 18, 2007, as written. <br />Board Member Sullivan seconded the motion, which carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />PUBLIC COMMENTS <br /> <br />None <br /> <br />OLD BUSINESS <br /> <br />Seasonal Influenza Update <br />Dr. Locke reported that influenza has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. A variety of surveillance <br />indicators for influenza detection are used. School absenteeism rates above 10%, the number of <br />x-rays being taken, and hospitalization rates have all been used as markers for seasonal <br />influenza. There is a network of sentinel physicians who report the numbers of their patients who <br />meet a set of criteria (known as influenza-like illness). School absenteeism rates are up in W A <br />state and the Olympic Peninsula, sentinel physicians in Kitsap County are reporting influenza- <br />like illness, and King County virus culture tests are running about 30% positive for influenza. It <br />is likely that there will be a rise in the levels of influenza over the next 3-4 weeks. It is possible <br />