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<br /> <br />County Health & Human Services <br /> <br />HEALTH BOARD MINUTES <br />JANUARY 23, 1996 <br /> <br />BOARD MEMBERS: <br />Robert Hinton, Chairman <br />Richard Wojt, Member <br />Glen Huntingford, Member <br /> <br />STAFF MEMBERS <br />David Specter, Health Department Director <br />Jean Baldwin, Director of Nursing Services <br />Lany Fay, Director of Environmental Health <br />Chester Prudhomme, Director of Substance Abuse <br />J. Peter Geerlofs, M.D., Health Officer <br /> <br />CITY OF PORT TOWNSEND <br />REPRESENTATIVE: <br />Bob Sokol <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order by Chairman Robert Hinton with the following Board and staff members <br />present: Commissioner Glen Huntingford, Larry Fay, Commissioner Richard Wojt, Linda Atkins, David <br />Specter and Judi Morris. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Commissioner Huntingford moved to approve the minutes of <br />November 28, 1995 as presented. Commissioner Wojt seconded the motion. The motion passed. <br /> <br />Appeal Of Requirement: Wet Season Evaluation - Scott Brown The onsite sewage system <br />permit application was submitted on July 5, 1995 for property located in Shine. Bob Reed was present on <br />behalf of Scott Brown. Linda Atkins stated she conducted a site evaluation with Bob Reed at the end of <br />June to look at soils and found that there was fill dirt present on the site. It was determined that an <br />alternative system would be required. Discussion continued on the physical aspects of the property. <br />During the site visit, in June, Mr. Reed suggested a culvert be installed so that the setback could be <br />reduced to 30 feet. This process would require a hydraulics permit and a permit from the Army Corp of <br />Engineers in order to proceed. Linda Atkins wrote a letter to Scott Brown indicating that a hydraulics <br />permit, and approval from the Army Corp of Engineers was needed. She also said a Wet Season <br />Application would probably be required. <br /> <br />In October Linda Atkins, Dennis Thomason, Bob Reed and Ted Stricklin met to discuss setbacks based on <br />Critical Area issues. Linda Atkins told Bob Reed at that time that a Wet Season Application would be <br /> <br />HEALTH <br />DEPARTMENT <br />206/385-9400 <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL <br />HEALTH <br />206/385-9444 <br /> <br />DEVELOPMENTAL <br />DISABILITIES <br />206/385-9400 <br /> <br />ALCOHOL/DRUG <br />ABUSE CENTER <br />206/385-0650 <br /> <br />FAX <br />206/385-9401 <br />