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<br /> <br />County Health & Human Services <br /> <br />HEALTH BOARD MINUTES <br />SEPTEMBER 25, 1996 <br /> <br />CITY OF PORT TOWNSEND <br />REPRESENTA TIVE: <br />Ted Shoulberg, City Council Member <br /> <br />STAFF MEMBERS: <br />David Specter, Health Department Director <br />Jean Baldwin, Director of Nursing Services <br />Lany Fay, Director of Environmental Health <br />Chester Prudhomme, Director of Substance Abuse <br />Thomas Locke, M.D., Health Officer <br /> <br />BOARD MEMBERS: <br />Robert Hinton, Chairman <br />Richard Wojt, Member <br />Glen Huntingford, Member <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order by Chairman Robert Hinton. The following Board and <br />staff members were present: Commissioner Glen Huntingford, David Specter, Jean <br />Baldwin, Judi Morris, Linda Atkins and Health Officer Thomas Locke, M.D. The City <br />Council's representative Ted Shoulberg, Commissioner Richard Wojt and Lany Fay were <br />not present. Chester Prudhomme arrived shortly after the meeting began. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Commissioner Huntingford moved to approve the <br />minutes of August 27, 1996 as presented. Chairman Hinton seconded the motion which <br />carried. <br /> <br />PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: No public comments. <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRECTOR'S REPORT <br /> <br />APPEAL OF DENIAL OF EXISTING ONSITE SEWAGE SYSTEM <br />APPROVAL; BOB HUELSDONK: Linda Atkins gave the Board an overview of this <br />appeal. Bob Huelsdonk applied for a permit to operate a 7 bedroom Bed and Breakfast at <br />the Hoh Humm Ranch. In July of 1995 Mr. Huelsdonk received approval for a home <br />business subject to conditions from Jefferson County Development and Review. A letter <br />was sent to the applicants from Gwen Howard, in August 1995, indicating that they <br />would need a water system approved for the proposal and that the onsite sewage system <br />would need to be evaluated. Linda looked at the existing sewage system on June 26, <br />1996. During the evaluation, Mr. Huelsdonk indicated that the drainfield had been <br /> <br />HEALTH ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENTAL ALCOHOL/DRUG <br />DEPARTMENT HEALTH DISABILITIES ABUSE CENTER FAX <br />360/385-9400 360/385-9444 360/385-9400 360/385-9435 360/385-9401 <br />