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<br />JEFFKRSON COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />OCTOBER 16, 1997 <br /> <br />BOARD MEMBERS <br />Glm HUllti'l'iford, CMimlall - county CommisswIler District 2 <br />Richard wojt, M<mber - COI!/1ty commissioner District 3 <br />Dall HaryoIe, M<mber - COUIlty Commissioller District I <br />Ted shoulbcrg, M<mber - port Townsend City CouIlcil <br />JiU Buhler, Member - Jeffersoll COWlty HOspiinl District #2 commissioner <br />Sheik WestemlM, M<mber - Citizen at Lalge (City) <br />RobertJ! Frissell, Member - Citizell at Large (COUllty) <br /> <br />STAFF MEMBERS <br />David specter, Health Department Director <br />J eall Baldwin, Director of Nursing services <br />Lany Fay, Director of EIlvirollmellinl Henlth <br />duster prudhomme, Director of substallce Abuse <br />Thomas locke, M.D., Health officer <br />Mary MMdel, Admi'listrative SUYfort <br /> <br />In the absence of Chairman Glen Huntingford the meeting was called to order by Vice-Chairman Dan <br />Harpole. All other Board and staff members were present. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> <br />Commissioner W ojt moved to approve the minutes of September 18, 1997 as presented. Member Buhler <br />seconded the motion which carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD <br /> <br />No public comments. <br /> <br />OLD BUSINESS <br /> <br />UPDATE - SOLID WASTE ENFORCEMENT: LINDA SEXTON: Larry Fay stated that this <br />case has been forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney's office and is pending prosecution. He presented an <br />article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer titled 'Trash Talking" which illustrates that Jefferson County is not <br />the only public agency dealing with neighborhood nuisances. <br /> <br />UPDATE - SEPTIC WASTE DUMPING ENFORCEMENTILICENSE SUSPENSION: <br />ECOTEC: Larry Fay presented a copy of a letter from Milton Foss, owner of Ecotec which states that he <br />has withdrawn his license and is no longer operating as a septage pumper. An ex-employee of Ecotec <br />recently applied for a septage pumping license which the Health Department is currently processing. An <br />inspection was scheduled this week to review the equipment and identify the disposal site. The license will <br />not be issued until the applicant provides documentation that the septage will be taken to a licensed disposal <br />facility. To insure against illegal dumping, the Health Department will most likely issue a probationary <br />license, and in the short term, require weekly reporting and review of the applicant's records. Failure to <br />report may result in the loss of the license. <br />