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<br /> <br />....::=:r <br /> <br />;.i~ <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />/ <br /> <br />H ALTH BOARD <br /> <br />Minutes: <br /> <br />February 20, 1985 <br /> <br />Board Members: <br /> <br />Staff Members: <br /> <br />B.G. Brown. Chairman <br />John L. Pitts ,Member <br />Larry W.Dennison, Member <br />Glen Ison, Member <br /> <br />Randall M. Durant, R.S, <br />Gretchen Gephart, D.O,N. <br />Joseph Fischnaller, M,D. <br />Gael Stuart, Admlnistrator <br /> <br />Approval of Minutes: <br />January 16, 198~) were approvea: <br />seconded by Commissioner Larry <br /> <br />of December 19, 1984 and <br />Commissioner John Pitts, <br /> <br />The Minutes <br />by motion of <br />Dennison, <br /> <br />NURSING DIRECTOR REPORT: Gretchen Gephart reported the follow- <br />ing as part of the Nursing servIce activities for January 1985: <br /> <br />'k <br /> <br />l-ieal th Awareness Program for 264 pre-school children, <br /> <br />Toothbrushing Program for 110 Kindergarteners at Grant Street School <br /> <br />In Service training at Kai Tai Care Center on "Tuberculosis in <::he <br />Older Adult". <br /> <br />"Health Baby Week" material was given to the hospi.tal and 75 packets <br />for new parents were put together for the hospital. <br /> <br />One sase of Meningitis is receiving follow up as prescribed by the State. <br /> <br />The.JlealthDepartment is now giving injections to COffimunit;y Counselling <br />Servic", patients who can not afford =0 go to the doctor every week for <br />the!?einjections. This will help to maintain them in the community <br />andk",ep them out of the State hospitals. <br /> <br />-Jk <br /> <br />,', <br /> <br />'k <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRECTOR REPORT: After offering to answer <br />any que!?tions on the Annual Report for 1984, Randy Durant proceeded with <br />is report for January of 1985: <br /> <br />* 19 of ::he 32 Food service in!?pections were for establishments in <br />the County. <br /> <br />* There were eight final septic tank drainfield inspections done in <br />January. <br /> <br />* The number of contacts made by the sanitarians and secr~taries in- <br />creased to 748 from 629 in December of 1984, <br /> <br />;( <br /> <br />The Port Townsend Paper Company's Solid Waste permit was renewed after <br />the Glen Cove solid waste site was reinspected, This site is specific- <br />ally approved for ash from the boilers, slaker grits (which is a <br />and gravel mixture) and old building materials. No garbage or hazardous <br />