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<br /> <br />..c::::. <br />-~ <br />. ' <br />lA, - -_ <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT <br />\ <br /> <br />E LT 0 <br /> <br />Minutes: <br /> <br />July 17, 1985 <br /> <br />Board Members: <br /> <br />Staff Members: <br /> <br />B. G. Brown, Chairman' <br />John L. Pitts, Member <br />Larry W. Dennison, Mfmber <br />Glenn Ison, Member <br /> <br />Randall M. Durant, R.S. <br />Gretchen Gephart, D.O.N. <br />Joseph Fischnaller, M.D. <br />Gael Stuart, Administrator <br /> <br />The meeting was called <br />Pitts in the absence,of Chairman <br />present except Randy Durant. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of June 19, 1985 were <br />approved by motion ot Commissioner Dennison, seconded by Chairman Pitts. <br /> <br />to order by Acting Chairman John L. <br />B.G. Brown. All other members were <br /> <br />DIRECTOR OF NURSING REPORT: <br />Nursing reported the tollowing Nursing <br />of June 1985. <br /> <br />Gretchen Gephart, Director of <br />Service activities for the month <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />The incidence of pediculosis and scabies were down in the <br />month of June with only 17 pediculosis cases and 12 cases of <br />scabies. <br />Two PKU tests were given to newborns during the month. ~ <br />There have been alot of requests for prescriptions from <br />people coming in on boats and a policy has been established <br />to not allow these prescriptions to be filled from other states. <br />20 colorectal cancer screenings were done. <br />Health awarenes~ sessions were done for the Tri-Area Learning <br />Center Pre School and the Rainbow Pre School as well as a tooth- <br />brushing session for the Rainbow Pre School. <br />Breast Self Examine teaching sessions were held for the Pres- <br />byterian Women's Bible Group and for some senior citizens at the <br />Thousand Trails facility on the Coyle Peninsula. <br />"Special Concerns of Diabetes in the Elderly" was presented for <br />care givers at the Kah-Tai Care Center. <br />"Understanding Vegetarian Diets" was presented in the Jefferson <br />General HospitalDayroom sponsored and arranged for by the Health Depart. <br />The Kiwanis have donated $411. 00 toward HIB vaccine and. the <br />vaccinations have been started. Gael Stuart reported that the <br />Kiwanis are also talking about raising money for additiClnal vaccine <br />funding. The Kiwanis have also transported 12 children to the <br />Salvation Army Summer Camp in a van that was donated for this pro~ <br />ject by Buck and Sons Motors. <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />,~ <br /> <br />'I, <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />* <br />