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<br /> <br />COMMUNICABLE <br />DISEASE CONTROL <br />~ <br /> <br />PUBLIC HEALTH,,' <br />NURSING I <br />I <br />i <br /> <br />HOME <br />NURSiNG <br /> <br />VITAL <br />STATIST!(">; <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL <br />HEALTH <br /> <br />HEALTH <br />EOUCA TION <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />802 SHERIDAN PORT TOWNSEND, WASH. 98368 <br /> <br />(206) 385-0722 <br /> <br />HEALTH BO RD <br /> <br />Minutes: November 21, 1984 <br /> <br />Board Members: <br /> <br />B.G. Brown, Chairman <br />John L. Pitts, Member <br />Larry W. Denhison, Member <br />Glen Ison, Member <br /> <br />Randall M. Durant, R.S. <br />Gretchen Gephart, D.O.N. <br />Joseph Fischnaller, M.D. <br />Gael Stuart, Administrator <br /> <br />Approval of Minutes: <br />minutes ot October 17, 1984. <br /> <br />Commissioner Pitts moved to approve the <br />Commissioner Dennison seconded the motion. <br /> <br />Nursing Director Report: Nursing Director, Gretchen Gephart <br />reported the tollowing tor Octooer: <br /> <br />* 349 Flu immunizations were given and the number of people requesting <br />all types of immunizations was up by 123. <br /> <br />* Two Class 5 cases of Tuberculosis were put on drugs. <br /> <br />* There were two suspected cases of measles. <br /> <br />* Child Health services: 110 pre schoolers were referred by physicians <br />for audiograms and tympanograms . <br /> <br />'k Community Education: Program for the elderly at Kai Tai Center; <br />"Understanding of Senses Vision & Hearing" for Brinnon School 7th and <br />8th Grade classes; Tooth Brushing for the Chimacum Kindergarten classes; <br />"The Body Machine" for the Grant Street Kindergarten classes;an in-service <br />training session for the Grant Street teachers; ''Understanding Teenagers for <br />Ra1cyon.House. <br />,,< Participating in the Puget Sound Health Systems Agency development of <br />a State Health Plan. <br /> <br />* Emergency Medical Services: There has been an increase in the number <br />of adults requesting these services for such things as precriptions. <br /> <br />* Have seen an increase in the number of young people needing housing. <br />Many are referred to the Fort Worden Hostile which costs $7.00 per <br />night without bedding or $10 per night with bedding. Some who do <br />not have enough money for this are referred to the Salvation Army. <br /> <br />Health Office Report: Dr. Fischnaller reported that it is a <br />shame that the condition exists that some doctors will not provide med- <br />ical services for people who do not have funds, but noted that the <br />druggists have been giving the drugs for prescriptions requested of them <br />by the Health Department at cost and commended them for their help. <br />