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<br />....i <br /> <br />, <br />j <br />N~'$;r-.;G <br /> <br />,I '.,. <br /> <br />Li'.JV,hU;",Ii..:.i'I J ':\L <br />HEALTH <br /> <br />:-i c;-;L:' ri <br /> <br />Ui;)~~ASt: CONTROL <br /> <br />,';j;.jLiC HcALfH <br />NURSING <br /> <br />srAT1ST!C~; <br /> <br />EDUCA TJON <br /> <br /> <br />t <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />802 SHER:OAN PORT TOWNSEND. WASH. 98368 <br /> <br />(206) 385.0722 <br /> <br />;1:f;JJllM;IIl:!"oliD.- <br /> <br />Minutes: <br /> <br />December 19, 1984 <br /> <br />Board Members: <br /> <br />B. G.. Brown, Ch<ti rman <br />John L . Pitts ,Member <br />Larry H. Dern}~l!>on, Member <br />Glen Ison, M~ml?er <br /> <br />Staff Members: <br /> <br />Randall M. Durant, R.S. <br />Gretchen Gephart, D.O.N. <br />Joseph Fischnaller, M.D. <br />Gael Stuart, Administrator <br /> <br />Aft;e~ introduction of the following people to the members of <br />the Health Bba~d, Chairman Brown called the meeting to order: <br /> <br />Dr. John Beare, Director; Hashington State Department of SOCilll <br />and Health Services; Division of Health <br /> <br />Lamont Carstens, Section Head; Washington State Department of <br />Social and Health Services; Division of Health. <br /> <br />Victor Dirksen, Administrator; Jefferson General Hospital <br /> <br />Pat Hogan, Director of Nursing; Jefferson General Hospital <br /> <br />Peter Simpson, Director; Clallam Jefferson Community Action <br />Council. <br /> <br />DiscQssion regarding the legality and advisability of the Hos- <br />pital District assuming the administration ot the Health Department: <br />Gael Stuart brought those present up to date on the discus9-ions that the <br />Health De'partment and Hospital District have had regarding the possibility <br />of a consolidation of health services in Jefferson County. It was felt <br />that it would be an advantage to have Dr. Beare and the County Prose:u!;ing <br />Attorney present to advise of the legalities and feasibility of such a <br />consolidation as well as any precedents that have been set in this area <br />by another County possibly, and the reaction of the State Division of <br />Health to such an arrangement. . <br /> <br />Dr. Beare began by advising that there are distinct differences between <br />providing primary medical care which is the function of a Hospital District <br />and providing the responsibilities of public health for the entire county <br />population as required by state law.. <br />