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<br /> <br />/ <br /> <br />/ <br /> <br />, .,~~ ;i~ <br />,~.., <br />. . JEFFERSON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />.:I::r~~..t:.~~t1:.':U. <br /> <br />./ <br /> <br />Minutes: July 20, 1983 <br /> <br />Board Members: Staff Members: <br /> <br />B.G. Brown, Chairman <br />A.M. O'Meara, Member <br />John L. Pitts, Member <br /> <br />Randall M. Durant, R.S. <br />Phyllis Bee, P.H.N. <br />Joseph Fischnaller, M.D, <br />Gael Stuart, Administrator <br /> <br />All members were present when the meeting came to order. <br /> <br />MINUTES: Commissioner Pitts seconded Commissioner O'Meara's motion to <br />approve the minutes for the meeting of June 15, 1983. Unanimous. <br /> <br />PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CONTRACT; MARY TUDOR: Gael Stuart explained that the <br />~tate tunas the Child Health Development Program by direct reimbursement, <br />and the State sets ,the salary for the services of the Nurse Consultant. <br />The State raised the salary, necessitating that Ms. Tudor's contract be <br />rewrit':en to reflect the raise. Commissioner Pitts moved to approve and <br />sign the new contract. Commissioner O'Meara seconded the motion. Unanimous. <br />(Attachment 1) <br /> <br />RABIES REPORT: Randy Durant reported that the head of the raccoon which bit <br />an individUal last month was sent to the lab, and the raccoon was not rabid. <br />(The individual was able to recognize the raccoon because it is one-eyed, <br />and he has been feeding it for two years.) <br /> <br />Also this month, a bat was found to have rabies. This is the first known <br />case inth~ County in twelve years. A dog which may have been bitten by <br />the bat;W1! destroyed. The lab reports that approximately ten percent of <br />bats te$'tredactually have rabies. . <br /> <br />BUDGETl;>ROJECTION AND. REVENUE SOURCES: Mr. Stuart presented a projected <br />budgettotl9154(Attachment 2) which also included information on two <br />possible sources of additional revenue. <br /> <br />Although the County has not previously charged the school districts for <br />serv~ces in the sC::'1001s, it is legal to do so, and such charges are made <br />in many Qther counties. The Port Townsend School District Superintendant <br />has indicated, in casual conversation, a willingness to pay for services, <br />although no specific discussion followed. Health Department staff feel <br />that it will be necessary to tap this source of income and that, if this <br />is to b& done, the school districts should be notified as soon as possible, <br />since their fiscal year begins in October and budgets are prepared well <br />ahead of that. If they are notified now, payment to the Health Department <br />could be included in the 1984-85 budgets, with the first payment due by <br />December 31, 1984. <br />