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<br />Health Board Minutes: February 17, 1987 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />organizations of the County's school districts. After discussion <br />of the need to start such a program, the public health role in <br />this issue and the possibility of developing an informational <br />program with the hospital, the Board concurred that Ms. Catlin <br />proceed to preview the film and develop a program as suggested. <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />With regard to the Department's coverage of newborns, the Hospital <br />is discharging a large percentage of mothers six hours after <br />delivery. Mary explained to the Hospital representative that the <br />home visits made by the Health Department are aimed at high risk <br />infants and are done within the first two weeks they are home. <br />This visit is not a substitute for the teaching that has <br />traditionally been done at the hospital. The hospital may be <br />doing their own home visits in the future. <br /> <br />Family Planning Request for Use of Facilities: Ms. Catlin submitted a <br />site use request explaining more about the Family Planning proposal to <br />use the Health Department facilities for evening clinics. This <br />proposal would help the department provide better services for Sexually <br />Transmitted Disease (STD) patients through the use of the Nurse <br />Practitioner that works with Family Planning. Commissioner Dennison <br />moved that the Board endorse the Nursing Director's request to seek <br />community approval (public and medical) of the Family Planning request <br />to hold evening clinics in the Health Department facilities. <br />Commissioner George Brown seconded the motion. <br /> <br />Health Advisorv Board: The members to serve on this Board would <br />ideally come from groups that use the services of the Health Department <br />(Schools etc.) and people with special backgrounds like financial <br />services. A resolution to create this Board will be developed, <br />setting forth the function of the Board, terms of office of the <br />members, etc. Commissioner Dennison moved to direct the Nursing <br />Director to draft a resolution and bylaws for an advisory board. <br />Commissioner George Brown seconded the motion. <br /> <br />Environmental Health Section Move to Courthouse: Ms. Catlin submitted <br />a cost estimate for this proposed move. <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRECTOR REPORT: Bill Glasser reviewed <br />his monthly written report and noted the following: <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />There were 127 telephone inquires regarding sewage disposal during <br />the month of January. This averages five inquires on this subject <br />every day. <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Francesca Keep has been hired to help with the Food Sanitation <br />Program. <br /> <br />Proposal to Administer Proqram to Approve Class IV Water Systems: <br />Approval of Class IV (two to nine hookups) Water Systems is presently <br />handled by the State Department of Social and Health Services and Mr. <br />