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MAP SCALE GIVEN UNDER THE NORTH ARROW IS <br />FOR THE ORIGINAL DRAWING ONLY. <br />THIS COPY MAY BE A REDUCED OR ENLARGED <br />REPRODUCTION. <br />PLEASE REFER TO THE SCALE BELOW. <br />0 10OX 20OX 40OX 600X 80OX <br />FOR ORIGINAL MAP SCALE: 1" = 100' X = 1/2 FOOT <br />1 " = 200' X = 1 FOOT <br />1 " = 400' X = 2 FOOT <br />THE ASSESSOR DOES NOT IN ANY WAY GUARANTEE <br />THE ACCURACY OF THE ACREAGE AND PARCEL BOUNDARIES <br />DEPICTED ON THESE MAPS. PARCEL SIZE AND <br />LOCATION IS BASED ON INFORMATION AVAILABLE, <br />INCLUDING RECORDED SURVEYS, LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS, <br />AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS, AND VARIOUS GOVERNMENT <br />SOURCES. WHERE THIS INFORMATION IS <br />INSUFFICIENT, PARCEL BOUNDARY LOCATIONS <br />ARE ESTIMATED. <br />PARCEL MAPS ARE UPDATED FREQUENTLY. PLEASE <br />CHECK WITH THE COUNTY ASSESSOR FOR THE <br />LATEST REVISION. <br />FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY ASSESSOR <br />P.O. BOX 1220 <br />PORT TOWNSEND, WA. 98368 <br />NE 1/4 <br />SEC 7 <br />TWP 2 6 N <br />(SE 1/4 6-26N-1 W) R G E 1 W <br />, <br />, <br />T B <br />(S TE) � <br />WHl THE Y <br />POINT <br />J <br />z � <br />(D` <br />NT <br />I z <br />DA BOB N <br />� SCALE: <br />z ^� BAY 1 =200' <br />N z <br />r X X 77DAL LAGOON J STATE <br />& LAB PONDS <br />TIDELANDS <br />0 TL C <br />601071001 <br />(STATE) GOVT LOT 3 & <br />$ T. L. TAX A&B <br />n 6 ^ 7.83 a. <br />XN O <br />QN O <br />STA TE <br />~ I I <br />SHELLFISH LAB <br />0 I <br />0 <br />601074014 <br />TAX 12 <br />0.91 a. <br />DRWN. <br />10/2/85 JC <br />(SE 1/4 7-26N-1 W) REVISIONS <br />1/7/92 PM <br />6/29/92 PM <br />8/5/93 PP <br />12/21/99 MF <br />3/31/00 MF <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY ASSESSOR 2/16/01 MF <br />3/6/14 PP <br />10/25/18 KH <br />6010710 <br />