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PORT HADLOCK LICENSE and USE AGREEMENT for JEFFCOM <br />WHEREAS, Jefferson County owns and maintains an Emergency Operations Center at <br />81 Elkins Road, Port Hadlock, Washington; and <br />WHEREAS, JeffCom provides emergency communications and dispatch services, a <br />critical public safety service for Jefferson County citizens and visitors; and <br />WHEREAS, since 2004 JeffCom has had offices and its primary Public Safety <br />Answering Point co- located with the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management <br />in the Jefferson County facility located at 81 Elkins Road, Port Hadlock, Washington; and <br />WHEREAS, under the terms of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) <br />funding for the original 1986 construction of the facility, FEMA retains durable interest in <br />perpetuity in approximately 3,170 square feet, and requires the maintenance of emergency <br />operations center facilities equal to or greater than those in the configuration as funded, as shown <br />as the shaded area in Exhibit A, attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference; and <br />WHEREAS, in a memorandum dated March 4, 2004, the County Administrator issued a <br />memorandum to JeffCom and the Department of Emergency Management allocating the use of <br />the facility consistent with the FEMA requirements; and <br />WHEREAS, JeffCom, an interlocal administrative agency, operates independently under <br />a new interlocal agreement starting on October 1, 2012, to operate a unified emergency dispatch <br />and communications system on behalf of Jefferson County, the City of Port Townsend, and <br />Jefferson County Fire Districts Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5; and <br />WHEREAS, providing for continued JeffCom operations in the existing County facility <br />ensures uninterrupted JeffCom operations, and promotes the efficiency of a vital public service; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, JeffCom and the County desire to provide for continued JeffCom <br />operations co- located with the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management within <br />the County's facility located at 81 Elkins Road, including an area to be licensed to JeffCom <br />which is outside the 3,170 square foot area of FEMA- retained durable interest, as well as <br />additional areas JeffUom may share but that will not be used for any permanent JeffCom <br />activities, use or equipment that render it incapable of immediate and complete conversion to <br />emergency operations use or support; and <br />WHEREAS, JeffCom and the County have negotiated a license fee to partially <br />supplement the County's responsibility to perform capital repairs /maintenance of the license <br />area; as well as a separate cost reimbursement for the County's custodial, minor facility <br />maintenance, supplies, utilities and other regular facility operations costs occasioned by <br />JeftCom's use of the County's facility; <br />Port Hadlock License and Use Agreement for JeffCom Page 1 of 16 <br />