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PERSONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br />Between <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />And <br />Stephen Shapiro Commercial Appraisal, LLC <br />This Agreement is entered into between the County of Jefferson, a municipal corporation, <br />hereinafter referred to as "the County" and Stephen Shapiro Commercial Appraisal, LLC, <br />hereinafter referred to as "the Contractor" in consideration of the mutual benefits, terms, and <br />conditions hereinafter specified. <br />Section 1. Designation <br />The County, on behalf of the Jefferson County Public Health, acting in <br />compliance under the Contract with Stephen Shapiro Commercial Appraisal, <br />LLC, hereby contracts with the Contractor who will perform work as described <br />in Section 15 and the Scope of Work, Exhibit C. <br />Section 2. Term <br />This Agreement shall commence upon signature and continues through <br />September 30, 2013 unless terminated as provided herein. <br />Section 3. Maximum Payable Amount <br />$4,750 <br />Section 4. Scope of Agreement <br />The Contractor shall provide professional appraisal services to the county as <br />follows: <br />The Contractor shall provide the services specified in Section 15 and Exhibit C of this <br />contract. The Contractor shall not be entitled to compensation for the services rendered <br />under the terms of this contract unless and until the services are satisfactory to the <br />County. Any dispute relating to the quality of acceptability of the services furnished; to <br />the acceptable fulfillment and performance of the contract on the part of the Contractor; <br />and/or compensation due the Contractor shall be decided by the Jefferson County Public <br />Health, Director or his/her representative. All reports called for under the terms of this <br />contract shall become the property of and shall be retained by the County. <br />2. The services to be furnished under the terms of this contract shall be performed by the <br />Contractor and the Contractor's bona fide employees, and shall not be delegated or <br />subcontracted to any other person or firm. <br />The Contractor warrants that it has not employed or retained any company, firm, or <br />person, other than a bona fide employee working exclusively for the Contractor, to solicit <br />or secure this contract; and that it has not paid or agreed to pay to any company, person <br />or firm, other than a bona fide employee working exclusively for the Contractor, any fee, <br />commission, percentage, brokerage fee, gift, or other consideration contingent upon or <br />resulting from the award or making of this contract. For breach or violation of this <br />warranty, the County shall have the right to annul this contract. In this regard Contractor <br />shall complete and sign the relevant portion of Exhibit A. <br />