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pfi �ll� is -k\(�k � t� }s c;a�ecl ge+roleu,� <br />B. DETAIaLEiIISPE �s IFIC�ATIONS Qf mod} <br />1. General <br />The Contractor will provide and deliver Motor Fuel delivered to County -owned bulk -fuel dispensing infrastructure <br />for use by various County departments. <br />All specified requirements are minimum requirements unless stated otherwise. If Bidder takes exception to the <br />provisions of the Bid Documents, Jefferson County may reject the Bid as non - responsive in the event that the <br />Manager, in his or her sole opinion, determines such exception(s) to be material exceptions(s). The Department of <br />Central Services, Fleet Services Division, reserves the right to reject any and all Bids and to accept the Bid deemed <br />most advantageous to Jefferson County and to waive all informalities in the Bidding. <br />The Contractor must provide quotes on the Proposal Page for the following Bid Lines. Bid Line pricing must be a <br />non- negative value. Quotes showing a credit or "no charge" will be assigned a price value of $0 for canvassing and <br />contract award purposes. <br />All Additional Items must be designed and constructed for use with the unit as specified and be furnished complete <br />with all necessary peripheral items required for proper /safe operation. The exact locations and mounting methods of <br />all aftermarket equipment specified as an additional item are subject to approval by the Fleet Services Division prior <br />to installation. <br />Please attach all required documentation to proposal. <br />2. Basis of Award <br />Jefferson County reserves the right to award contract(s), based on the lowest total bid price to the responsive and <br />responsible bidder meeting the terms and conditions of the specification. <br />Bidders must quote all Bid Lines. Bids submitted to the contrary will be considered incomplete and, as a result, may <br />be rejected. <br />The Contractor's bid pricing must incorporate any /all peripheral costs including, but not limited to the costs of the <br />vehicles /equipment, delivery/transportation charges, taxes, insurance, training, fluids, warranties, profit and/or <br />overhead, etc., required by the specifications. <br />Jefferson County reserves the right to award a contract, or reject any /all bids, when in the opinion of Jefferson <br />County the best interests of the County would be served thereby. <br />3. Contract Term <br />The Contract Term for this Contract will be sixty months, unless terminated earlier pursuant to Section B.19 (Early <br />Termination) or other provisions. <br />The County will establish the start and expiration dates at the time of formal award and release of this contract. <br />4. Estimated Quantities <br />Any quantities shown on the Proposal Pages represent estimated usage and as such are for bid canvassing purposes <br />only and do not bind the County to purchase the quantity listed there. The County reserves the right to increase or <br />decrease quantities ordered. Nothing herein will be construed as intent on the part of the County to procure any goods <br />or services beyond those determined by the County to be necessary to meet its needs. <br />The County will only be obligated to order and pay for such quantities as are from time to time ordered, performed <br />and accepted on Blanket Releases or Work Orders issued directly by the Fleet Services Division. <br />5. Price Adjustments <br />No price adjustments to the Contractor's proposed markup or cost per mile for alternate delivery locations will be <br />considered during the contract term. <br />6. Cost Mitigation Strategies <br />The County reserves the right to employ various cost mitigation strategies (i.e. hedging) in acquiring fuel from the <br />Contractor. These strategies may include but are not limited to futures contracts, swap transactions, option contracts, <br />MOTOR FUEL, PAGE 5 OF 24 <br />