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JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />Sheet 1 of 1 <br />OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />Change <br />=DEPARTMENT <br />1 <br />Date: 10/9/2015 <br />CHANGE ORDER <br />Order No. <br />Ordered by County Engineer under terms of <br />Section I - 04. 4 of the Standard Specifications <br />Contract No. <br />FX Change proposed by Contractor <br />To _ <br />Gary Schneider <br />C & J Excavating Inc. <br />Endorsed by C&J Excavating Inc. <br />P.O. Box 430 <br />Coo fncMr in 1' <br />Carlsborg, WA 98324 <br />.TPJ/O✓i��% 16`t5'\S <br />Signanvel7�1 Date <br />I°r,est Ae'isk <br />Project Title: Chimacum Safe Routes To <br />Titre <br />Consent given by Surety: (when required) <br />School Project <br />Bv: <br />Attarnev ire Jdct Date <br />You are ordered to perform the following described work upon receipt of an approved copy of this change order: <br />This change order is an administrative change necessary to increase the number of contract working days from <br />30 to 32.5. The working day amount increase is necessary due to unforseen conditions that became apparent <br />during the course of construction and which were outside of the control of the contractor. <br />All work materials and measurement to be in accordance with the provisions of the standard specifications and <br />special provisions for the e of construction involved. <br />ORIGINAL <br />CURRENT <br />ESTIMATED <br />ESTIMATED <br />CONTRACT <br />CONTRACT <br />NET CHANGE <br />CONTRACTTOTAL <br />AMOUNT <br />AMOUNT <br />THIS ORDER <br />AFTER CHANGE <br />$ 190,112.91 <br />$ 190,112.91 <br />$ - <br />$ 190,112.91 <br />i <br />ORIGINAL <br />CURRENT <br />CONTRACTTIMP. <br />NEW CONTRACT <br />CONTRACT TIME <br />CONTRACT TIME <br />CHANCE (Add/Dep <br />TIME <br />30 Worki g Days <br />30 Working Days <br />2.5 <br />32.5 Working Days <br />APPR VAL.COMMENDED APPROV COMMENDED <br />Pr,j" SNanak r Date County Engt Date <br />APPROV EC MMENDED APPRO PD j <br />'Ir-a—c''�/ <br />/o /5 - l0 Zia IS <br />Engineering 5'ervices Manager Date Chair, Jefferson County oimrssioners Date <br />