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Department of Public Works <br />O Consent Agenda <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />Jefferson County <br />Board of Commissioners <br />Agenda Request <br />To: Board of Commissioners <br />Philip Morley, County Administrator <br />From: Monte Reinders, P.E., Public Works Director/County Engineer <br />Frank Gifford, Central Services Director <br />Agenda Date: October 26, 2015 <br />Subject: Authorization and Concurrence to proceed with land acquisition - <br />pursuant to Chimacum Park property assemblage project. <br />Statement of Issue: <br />Request for approval of Concurrence and Authorization for the Department of Public <br />Works in partnership with Central Services Department, to proceed with the <br />negotiation and acquisition of the parcel as indicated on the attached appraisal <br />certificate for Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 963000201. <br />Analysis/Strategic Goals/Pro's 13 Con's: <br />The Chimacum Park area properties have long been held for the public use that <br />include campground, the Chimacum Community Center and encompasses <br />approximately 37 acres. The subject parcel is surrounded on three sides by County <br />Park area property and with the inclusion of the subject parcel, the County will be <br />protecting the integrity of the property boundaries for future County projects. Please <br />see attached map. <br />This request follows established Jefferson County Right of Way acquisition procedures <br />(Resolution 05-11) established to comply with State and Federal acquisition rules and <br />regulations. This authorization, based on an appraisal, establishes just compensation <br />and directs the Department of Public Works in partnership with Central Services to <br />enter into formal negotiations with the subject property owner to acquire the <br />necessary property. <br />This authorization grants the Department of Public Works with the assistance of <br />Central Services the authority to execute the documentation to close said <br />transaction and further coordinate with the funding sources to pay for acquisition <br />and survey expenses. <br />