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_Jtrlr>` <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />Sheet c11 of 2 <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />Change <br />2 <br />Date: 10/19/2015 <br />CHANGE ORDER <br />Order No. <br />Ordered by County Engineer under terms of <br />FX Section 1 - 04.4 of the Standard Specifications <br />CR17993 <br />Contract No. <br />Change proposed by Contractor <br />To: <br />Bruch & Bruch Construction, Inc. <br />End by: 7 <br />1706 Highway 101 West <br />Port Angeles, WA 98363 <br />Contractor Firm, Na <br />Project Title Dowans Creek Road <br />_,1SIVature�r <br />Title <br />Consent given by Surety. (when required) <br />Realignment <br />By: <br />Aftomey-in-fact Date <br />You are ordered to perform the following described work upon receipt of an approved copy of this change order: <br />On-site soil conditions proved even worse than anticipated and were exacerbated by wet, late season weather. The <br />on-site soils, marginal even in dry weather, became problematic due to late season, wet weather construction required <br />by permitting agencies to avoid bird impacts. Geotextile for separation and a job average of 7 additional inches of <br />select borrow were needed to support heavy construction haul traffic. <br />This change order authorizes the following: <br />Increase Mobilization (Bid Item No. 1) lump sum amount $2,448. <br />Increase Roadway Excavation Incl. Haul (Bid Item No. 4) quantity 400 cubic yards ICY) for a total quantity of 6,253 <br />CY. <br />Increase Select Borrow (Bid Item No. 6) quantity 3,200 CY for a total quantity of 7,476 CY. <br />Increase Unsuitable Foundation Excavation Incl. Haul (Bid Item No. 7) quantity 500 CY for a total quantity of 600 CY. <br />Add 2000 square yards (SY) of Geotextile (New Item No. 23) at $3.75/SY. <br />Add $4,500 for Force Account work (New Item No. 25). <br />Add six (6) Working Days to the contract time <br />All work materials and measurement to be in accordance with the provisions of the standard specifications and <br />special provisions for the type of construction involved. <br />ORIGINAL <br />CURRENT <br />ESTIMATED <br />ESTIMATED <br />CONTRACT <br />CONTRACT <br />NETCHANGE <br />CONTRACT TOTAL <br />AMOUNT <br />AMOUNT <br />THIS ORDER <br />AFTER CHANGE <br />$338,466.75 <br />$331,641.75 <br />$71,948.00 <br />$403,589.75 <br />ORIGINAL CONTRACT <br />CURRENT CONTRACT <br />CONTRACT TIME <br />NEW CONTRACT <br />TIME (days) <br />TIME (days) <br />CHANGE (Add/Dep <br />TIME (days) <br />50 <br />50 <br />6 <br />56 <br />APPROVAL RECOMMENDED APPJ2QYAt-RECOMAQENDED <br />LrJ� <br />Prged Manager Date County ngineer Date <br />�AP PRO L O ENDED APPFjOVED <br />lLJ I(TZLJ/ r1/L rS <br />/® <br />Engineering Services Manager Date Chair, JeNe on County Commissioners Date <br />