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qb � ori <br />J <br />THIRD AMENDMENT <br />TO INTERLOCAL GOVERNMENT AGREEMENT <br />BETWEEN CITY OF PORT TOWNSEND AND JEFFERSON <br />COUNTY FOR BIOSOLIDS COMPOSTING FACILITY <br />THIS THIRD AMENDMENT is made this a2 `% day ofJam, 2008 by and between <br />the CITY OF PORT TOWNSEND, WASHINGTON ("the City") and JEFFERSON COUNTY, <br />WASHINGTON ("the County"), both municipal corporations of the State of Washington. This <br />Amendment modifies, clarifies and amends the Interlocal Agreement ("the Agreement") between <br />the City and the County, dated October 8, 1992. The Agreement was amended by Addendum on <br />June 6, 1994 and again on July 3, 1995. <br />RECITALS <br />The Recital section of the Agreement is amended to add an additional Recital as follows: <br />E. The City and County incur considerable costs managing the throughput of City and County <br />resident and business generated yard debris. Material throughput has exceeded the <br />Facility's design capacity since 1999. Whereas a fee for dropoff of yard debris at the <br />Facility was waived when this Agreement was executed as a means of increasing the <br />Facility's feedstock, it is now agreed that a fee will be charged to encourage on-site <br />management of yard debris and recover City and County costs associated with material <br />management. And, whereas City and County residents should be encouraged to properly <br />manage their yard debris on-site, it is agreed that a portion of the fee shall be dedicated to <br />educating residents about on-site yard debris management. <br />AGREEMENT <br />NOW, THEREFORE, it is agreed that paragraph 12 of the Agreement, shall be repealed <br />and replaced as follows: <br />12. Disposal Fees for Yard Waste Dropoff. <br />The County will, subject to the limitations contained in the Agreement, as amended, <br />collect a fee from customers for yard debris dropoff. A periodic fee review will be <br />conducted per Jefferson County Code, appendix, FEE SCHEDULES, and the fee shall <br />be adjusted only by mutual agreement. The County will receive three dollars per <br />transaction including transactions generated by the City's curbside yard debris collection <br />service. <br />5% of the gross fees collected, net of tax, will be deposited into an account managed by <br />the County for expenses related to educating residents and businesses about on-site yard <br />debris management. The City and County may, by mutual prior agreement, draw funds <br />from this account for programs related to educating residents and businesses about on- <br />site yard debris management. <br />Page I of 2 City of PT/Jefferson County <br />Biosolids Composting Facility — 3rd Amend. <br />