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RE: Letter of Understan ding <br />The purpose of this Document is, to outline the duties and responsibilities ofthe <br />Jefferson Tourism Coordinating Council Narketing Coordinator. Document also <br />outlines the jefferson County Tourism Coordinating Council,(designated as TCC in <br />this document), responsibilities to contractor in ternis of"paymerut and oversight <br />To over and implement all Media Marketing prograrns, print, int ernet, or other <br />media,, that have been diussied and developed by the Jefferson County Tourism <br />Colorldinathio gCouncil. And to advise TCC mernbers, ofbestavenues forsuccess in <br />Jefferson County media Promotions airned at overnight and extended stays in local <br />lodging. <br />Coordinate between TCC, (Jefferson County Tourism Coordinating Council), OPVB, <br />(Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau), and OPTC,(Olympic Peninsula Totirism <br />Cornmission"), on Spring and Fall Campaigns, web based promotions, aids, etc, These <br />Carnpaigns are formulated in partnership, TCS, OiPVB, OPTC and aruted by <br />OPV'pus lead entity. <br />Coordii-iate with Marketing and Ad Reps, aj,'id help facilitate Cooperative promotions <br />and giveaways associated with these programs. <br />Attend meetings, WC, J.C. LTAQ OPTC and provide input rel atedto Marketing <br />venues, provided by TCC to address jefferson County Lodging Promotional needs. <br />Set meeting dates for TCQ with input from Committee, venues, advertise meeting in <br />Jefferson County Leadier, <br />Send ineeting notices to Board Members, :ruin null interested parties, meeting agendas <br />should go out to the board no less than 4 days prior to meeting, (gives time to <br />review and or add), Record meeting, download media and place on CD,, file. <br />Take minutes during meeting, After meeting, trap scrib e Minutes, distribute to IVC <br />mernbers, Meeting minutes and supporting docs should be distributed for <br />comment/rieview within 7 days of meeting. <br />Prepare meeting diocunients:Aglenda, Minutes, Financial Report,, and any additional <br />information in support o needs at the momenL <br />Report ou currient prograrns, Media Campaigns, and advise TCC menibers on your <br />ideas asto best achievie success in advertising., <br />Disseminate all peitinent information is ernail, phone, or hard COPY; MUCII of this is <br />pass -a -long from OPTC, <br />