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W 1,,0. <br />1 <br />When recorded return to: <br />Name Gordon D. Ramstrom c/o Jefferson County Public Works <br />Address: 623 Sheridan St. <br />City: Port Townsend <br />State, Zip: WA, 98368 <br />DECLARATION OF RESTRICTIVE COVENANT <br />Grantor(s): Jefferson County, WA <br />Grantee(s): Jefferson County, WA <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO SELF, his/her heirs and assigns, and the general public. <br />This restrictive covenant shall bind and restrict the land, the Owner(s), their heirs, grantees, <br />successors and assigns and shall "run" with the land into perpetuity. <br />DESCRIPTION OF REAL PROPERTY AFFECTED: <br />Section: 24, Quarter Section: NW1/4 Township: 27N, Range: 2W and <br />Section: 23, Quarter Section: NEI/4 Township: 27N, Range: 2W <br />ASSESSOR'S TAX PARCEL NUMBER(S): 702242005 and 702231010 <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the combination of the above referenced description of real <br />property (Section, parcels, etc) is required for issuance of an onsite sewage system permit. <br />Sale, transfer or other segregation of only part of the property described in this Notice and in <br />the onsite sewage permit will result in a violation of the terms and conditions of the onsite <br />sewage permit. <br />TYPE OF STRUCTURE: County Facilities <br />ADDRESS OF STRUCTURE: 295312 Highway 101, Quilcene, WA <br />THIS NOTICE may not be lifted or removed without the consent and written approval from <br />Jefferson County Public Health. <br />Recording. Upon its execution, this Declaration shall be recorded with the Jefferson County <br />Auditor. All contracts and deeds or other instruments of conveyance relating to the property or <br />any part thereof shall contain reference to this covenant. <br />Compliance with code requirements. This Declaration does not amend or modify, nor is it <br />intended to amend or modify any requirements of the County's ordinances or any other law or <br />regulation dealing with or affecting the use of land or construction of improvements upon lands. <br />Warranty of Authority. The owner(s) signing below warrant that they are the sole Owners in <br />fee of the real property described above and are authorized to make this Declaration and so <br />bind the property. <br />ATTACHED: Exhibit A: Restrictive Covenant Site Plan <br />GRANTOR(S): <br />1 of 2 <br />