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a � <br />C,� 6 :ata <br />PERSONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br />Between <br />Discover Your Northwest <br />and <br />Jefferson County <br />THIS AGREEMENT is entered into between the County of Jefferson, a municipal corporation, <br />hereinafter referred to as "the County", and Discover Your Northwest, hereinafter referred to as <br />"the Subcontractor", in consideration of the mutual benefits, terms, and conditions hereinafter <br />specified. <br />1. Project Designation. The Subcontractor is retained by the County to coordinate and promote <br />the Washington Coast Cleanup on April 29, 2017, develop and produce recycling <br />information signs, and provide for dumpster rental at sites located in western Jefferson and <br />Clallam Counties. The personal services are funded by a grant from the Washington State <br />Department of Wildlife (DFW) #15-04914. <br />2. Scope of Services. Subcontractor agrees to perform the services, identified on Exhibit A, <br />attached hereto, including the provision of all labor, materials, equipment, and supplies, and <br />to complete the DFW final report form, Exhibit B. <br />3. Time for Performance. This Agreement shall commence on February 1, 20'F7 and continues <br />through June 30, 2017 unless terminated as provided herein. Work performed prior to the <br />execution of this contract is hereby ratified. The agreement may not be extended beyond June <br />30, 2017. <br />4. Payment. The Subcontractor shall be paid by the County for completed work and for services <br />rendered under this agreement as follows: <br />a. The Subcontractor will be reimbursed for all work performed under the terms of this <br />contract. Project costs include salaries and benefits, curriculum materials, field supplies <br />and transportation. Payment for the work provided by the Subcontractor shall not exceed <br />$8,660.00 in the completion of this project without express written amendment signed by <br />both parties to this Agreement. <br />b. Funding for this contract will be provided by a DFW grant. If funding from DFW is <br />withdrawn, reduced, or limited in any way after the effective date of this agreement, this <br />contract may be renegotiated or terminated as provided herein. <br />c. The Subcontractor may submit invoices to the County once per month, but not less than <br />quarterly, during the progress of the work for work completed to date. Such invoices will <br />be checked by the County, and upon approval thereof, payment will be made to the <br />Subcontractor in the amount approved. <br />d. Final payment of any balance due the Subcontractor of the total contract price earned will <br />be made promptly upon its ascertainment and verification by the County after the <br />completion of the work under this agreement and its acceptance by the County. <br />e. Payment as provided in this section shall be full compensation for work performed, <br />Page 1 of 8 <br />