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MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING <br />BETWEEN <br />CITY OF PORT TOWNSEND <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />PUD NO. 1 OF JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />PORT OF PORT TOWNSEND <br />Related to: Continued support of the Jefferson County Water Resources Council <br />I. Background <br />Since the adoption of the Dungeness-Quilcene Water Resources Management Plan, the Jefferson <br />County Water Resources Council ("the Council") was formed as the implementing body for the <br />Plan. The council has been meeting on approximately a monthly basis since August 1994 and <br />has a signed charter under which it is operating. <br />The Council meetings have been facilitated and coordinated by temporary employees since the <br />inception of the Council in 1994. The City of Port Townsend has administered the funding for <br />the Council since the Council inception. PUD No. 1 of Jefferson County has contributed funding <br />to the Council since 1996 through a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Port <br />Townsend. <br />Jefferson County joined the Water Resources Council in 1997, and was selected by the Water <br />Resources Council to act as lead funding agency for watershed management grants offered by <br />the Washington Department of Ecology to implement HB2514. The City has indicated that it <br />does not wish to be the lead fiscal agent for the HB2514 grant. <br />II. Purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding <br />The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to replace the existing MOU <br />between the City of Port Townsend and PUD No. 1 of Jefferson County. This MOU will <br />provide a mechanism for cost-sharing for the costs incurred by the Water Resources Council, and <br />for administration of funds to support activities and staff of the Water Resources Council. This <br />agreement establishes expectations for the management and use of public funds. <br />III. Understandings <br />This MOU addresses the costs incurred for monthly Water Resources Council and <br />Coordination Team meetings. Costs may include: facilitation, staffing time to make meeting <br />arrangements, meetings advertisements, mailings of agendas and minutes, office costs, <br />meeting room and meeting recording costs, and refreshments for the participants. Activities <br />not directly associated to council meetings will include staff time to increase membership, <br />improve member attendance, perform outreach and attend water resource conferences. The <br />sum total of all costs for funding the Water Resource Council through this agreement shall <br />not exceed $14,000 per year. <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />