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` PC. <br />SAV. NeAI}h <br />MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING <br />REGARDING THE PROVISION OF SEWER SERVICE WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES <br />OF THE PORT LUDLOW MASTER PLANNED RESORT <br />WHEREAS Olympic Water and Sewer, Inc. (OWSI) is the owner and operator of the sewer <br />collection, conveyance and treatment facilities serving the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort <br />(MPR) defined in the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan; and <br />WHEREAS, the property lies in Jefferson County, Washington and the County has jurisdiction <br />over the development of property within the Port Ludlow MPR; and <br />WHEREAS, the County wishes to ensure that sewer service is publicly available on an equitable <br />basis within the MPR; and <br />WHEREAS, the County has been engaged in a mediation process involving the resort owners <br />and other residents and property owners to resolve issues associated with the future development <br />of the MPR; and <br />WHEREAS, OWSI believes that the sewer system within the Port Ludlow MPR has capacity to <br />serve the population allocated and the level of development authorized in the Jefferson County <br />Comprehensive Plan. <br />NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the above recitals and other good and valuable <br />consideration, the parties enter into the following Memorandum of Understanding regarding <br />sewer service. OWSI will continue to use its best management practices to provide quality sewer <br />service for the benefit of customers within the MPR boundary and to operate and maintain its <br />wastewater treatment facility at a high standard and in accordance with the requirement of the <br />Washington State Department of Ecology. <br />1. OWSI will provide sewer service only within the established boundary of the <br />Master Planned Resort or in accordance with applicable provisions of the <br />Washington Administrative Code. <br />k 2. Requests for sewer service will be processed by OWSI on a first come, first <br />served basis, limited only by the capacity of the OSWI facilities and the <br />applicable permits and approvals issued to OWSI. <br />3. At time of connection or connections, a property owner within the MPR seeking <br />sewer service shall pay the then -prevailing connection fee in accordance with the <br />OWSI fee schedule. <br />4. Any sewer connection must comply with the conditions of the NPDES permit <br />issued to OWSI by the State Department of Ecology. <br />