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J r <br />Cooperative Agreement Between <br />Washington State University 4-H Youth Development <br />And <br />Jefferson County <br />THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into by and between Washington State University 4-H Youth <br />Development, an institution of higher education and an agency of the State of Washington hereafter <br />referred to as "WSU", and Jefferson County. <br />Purpose: WSU and Jefferson County wish to provide a setting for young people and adults to work <br />together to experience adventure -based education through the 4-H Challenge Program. <br />I. WSU and Jefferson County mutually agree to: <br />1. Enroll all youth and adults in 4-H and maintain record of those who participate in <br />Challenge 'activities. <br />2. WSU provides standard Challenge Course forms for day use, group enrollment, participant <br />health and release records, Facilitator and leader forms, and screening/ background check <br />forms; Jefferson County insures the timely completion of all WSU forms and provides to <br />WSU for storage and archive. <br />3. Participate in Washington State 4-H Challenge management group. <br />4. WSU 4-H and Jefferson County will be identified in all promotional materials. <br />5. All facilitators must have a 4-H approved training and certification in the proper <br />procedures and protocols for facilitating groups through the 4-H Challenge Course. <br />Facilitator Record must be maintained. <br />6. Have Jefferson County's facilitator certification and re -certification system approved by <br />WSU 4-H. <br />7. After the program is solidly established, provide a certified facilitator to become part of the <br />statewide safety inspection team. <br />8. WSU and Jefferson County will agree upon fees and fiscal systems in writing. <br />II. WSU Agrees to: <br />1. Provide curriculum for the adult leaders of the 4-H Challenge program. <br />2. Provide training to adult volunteers for leading programs on the Challenge Course and <br />other 4-H Challenge activities with certain expenses for the 4-H Challenge training to be <br />negotiated between Jefferson County and WSU. <br />