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C�'.( 1 - � H 7. 0- <br />f IONTRACT AGREEMENT <br />For Professional Services <br />Between <br />Jefferson County <br />And <br />Discovery Behavioral Healthcare <br />For Inmate Services (formerly "Jail Nurse Assessment") <br />This Contract for Professional Services is entered into between Jefferson County, herein referred <br />to as the "County" and Discovery Behavioral Healthcare (DBH), herein referred to as the <br />"Contractor". <br />Section 1: PURPOSE: <br />THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into to provide services to Jefferson County Jail <br />inmates affected by Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health issues for Jefferson County, <br />Washington. <br />Section 2: TERM: <br />This Agreement shall commence on January 1, 2017 and continue through December 31, 2017, <br />unless terminated as provided herein. <br />Section 3: SCOPE OF AGREEMENT: <br />DBH will engage Jefferson County Jail (JCJ) inmates who live in Jefferson County in activities <br />designed to reduce recidivism and substance use. <br />DBH case manager and Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee (CDPT) will provide the <br />following services in the jail: <br />a) assessment of the majority of subjects booked into the jail for substance use disorder and <br />mental health conditions and onsite engagement and coordination of outpatient treatment <br />post -discharge; <br />b) outreach and engage inmates in Relapse Prevention Education groups; <br />c) provide ongoing assessment, early intervention and follow-up for substance use disorders <br />and mental health issues; <br />d) prepare for and coordinate outpatient treatment and post discharge appointments; <br />e) work with Jefferson County residents post -discharge. <br />The DBH shall submit: <br />monthly invoices with timesheets specifying the services provided. Each invoice may <br />include only hours directly related to Exhibit A, Scope of Work. <br />quarterly electronic reports to Siri Kushner of Kitsap County Health District in a form as <br />specified by Jefferson County Public Health and/or Kitsap County Health District. DBH <br />will send a copy of each electronic report to the JCPH Contract Representative. <br />upon request, reports of activities and services provided, to the JCPH Contract <br />Representative. <br />Discovery Behavioral Healthcare — Inmate Services 2017 1 <br />