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CONTRACT AGREEMENT e ly-N ` o <br />For Professional Services <br />Between <br />Jefferson County <br />And <br />Discovery Behavioral Healthcare <br />For School Based Mental Health Services <br />This Contract for Professional Services is entered into between Jefferson County, herein referred <br />to as the "County" and Discovery Behavioral Healthcare (DBH), herein referred to as the <br />"Contractor". <br />Section 1: PURPOSE: <br />THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into to provide services in the school districts of <br />Chimacum, Port Townsend, Quilcene and Brinnon for Jefferson County, Washington. <br />The COUNTY and the four (4) school districts agree to cooperate in order to provide early <br />behavioral health, intervention and treatment services in the schools for children or youth grades <br />3-12 who identify with behavioral health issues. DBH hours will be distributed as 1 day a week <br />at 1 day a week at Brinnon SD, Quilcene SD, 3 days a week at Chimacum SD, 3 days a week at <br />Port Townsend SD and 3 days a week with a Chemical Dependency Professional at Port <br />Townsend SD. 85 % of that time or 50 minutes is spent seeing students and 10 minutes of each <br />hour is spent on charting, travel or meetings. <br />Section 2: TERMS: <br />This Agreement shall commence on January 1, 2017 and continue through December 31, 2017, <br />unless terminated as provided herein. <br />Section 3: SCOPE OF AGREEMENT: <br />DBH will provide behavioral health counseling to children and youth enrolled in all four districts <br />in Jefferson County, providing services to students of all ages from grades 3 through 12, as part of <br />a comprehensive team. In addition, the Child and Family Therapist shall attend monthly meetings <br />with other Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) staff and attend SBHC trainings. (Brinnon SD, <br />Quilcene SD and Blue Heron students do not have SBHC access, but meetings with School <br />Counselors and Principals routinely occur.) <br />The DBH Child and Family Therapist shall provide: <br />• The development of goals and objectives for the school year to the SBHC <br />Advisory Committee. <br />• Short-term counseling, support, and referral for youth and their families enrolled <br />at the Grade, Middle and High Schools at the schools. <br />• Individual counseling on a variety of issues and concerns including, but not <br />limited to, anger management, depression, stress, conflict resolution, relationship <br />issues, feelings of suicide, counseling for grief or loss, sexual and physical abuse, <br />eating disorders, domestic violence, mental illness, adjustment disorders, crisis <br />events and substance use. <br />• Ongoing collaboration and weekly consultation with the SBHC team of health and <br />school professionals. <br />• Effective and efficient clinical services using best practice standards. <br />• All necessary clinical and administrative records for behavioral health and <br />treatment services. <br />Discovery Behavioral Healthcare — SBHC 2017 <br />