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I 0 n 5-1 1- t-1- �_-,)r, [[ <br />INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT 2 <br />C' - <br />BETWEEN QW <br />CLALLAM COUNTY <br />AND <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />ON BEHALF OF JEFFERSON COUNTY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION <br />This Inter -Local Agreement is a binding agreement by and between Clallam County, hereinafter <br />referred to as the "COUNTY" and Jefferson County on behalf of Jefferson County Cooperative <br />Extension, hereinafter referred to as "EXTENSION PROGRAM." <br />BACKGROUND and PURPOSE: <br />The COUNTY has received a Washington State Department of Health (DOH) EPA NEP – Pollution <br />Identification and Correction grant (#C17104) to continue the Sequim Bay -Dungeness Watershed <br />Clean Water District Pollution Identification & Correction Plan project. The purpose of this agreement is <br />to clearly identify the services to be performed by the EXTENSION PROGRAM related to this grant <br />project and the corresponding compensation to be provided by the COUNTY. <br />THE EXTENSION PROGRAM AGREES TO: <br />1) Contribute staff and other resources to help the COUNTY fulfill its DOH grant deliverables, <br />particularly under Task 3 as described below. <br />2) Task 3—Education and Outreach <br />The EXTENSION PROGRAM shall develop and implement an education and outreach plan <br />designed to engage the public in water resource protection efforts. Such a program will focus <br />primarily on pet waste issues and links to water quality, especially in the Sequim Dungeness <br />Marine Recovery Area (MRA). Elements of the plan will include: <br />• At least two presentations to local groups/organizations, <br />• A presence at a minimum of three fairs or events, <br />• Creation and distribution of outreach materials such as bookmarks and brochures, <br />• Purchase and distribution of incentives such as pet waste bags/dispensers, <br />• At least one article in a local newspaper, <br />• An evaluation report assessing the effectiveness of the education/outreach effort. <br />3) Complete Task 3 activities described above before March 31, 2019. <br />4) The EXTENSION PROGRAM shall submit invoices for reimbursement at least quarterly but no <br />more frequently than monthly. Progress reports shall be submitted quarterly. <br />5) Comply with the anti -lobbying provision, as stipulated in the #C17104 grant contract, as set out <br />in Title 40 CFR Part 30. Pursuant to Section 18 of the Lobbying Disclosure Act, the recipient <br />affirms that it is not a nonprofit organization described in Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal <br />Revenue Code of 1986; or that it is a nonprofit organization described in Section 501(c)(4) of <br />the Code but does not and will not engage in lobbying activities as defined in Section 3 of the <br />Lobbying Disclosure Act. Additionally Part 30 recipients shall abide by its respective OMB <br />Circular (A-21 or A-122), which prohibits the use of Federal grant funds to participate in various <br />forms of lobbying or other political activities. The EXTENSION PROGRAM shall abide by OMB <br />Circular A-87 which prohibits the use of Federal grant funds for litigation against the United <br />States. <br />6) That as a sub -recipient under the COUNTY's #C17104 EPA grant contract that it and its <br />employees may not engage in severe forms of trafficking in persons during the period of time <br />