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4k <br />ACE -IT Agreement 20177 /r1� <br />Page 1 �"� ' � ' 1' �� �• � �. � � 1 <br />VVV _r l PROFESSIONAL SERVLLICES AGREEMENT <br />C\ BETWEEN <br />J FFERSON COUNTY <br />AND <br />ACE -IT Employment & Transition Services, LLC <br />This agreement is entered into between the County of Jefferson, a municipal corporation, <br />hereinafter referred to as "the County" and ACE -IT hereinafter referred to as "the <br />Subcontractor" in consideration of the mutual benefits, terms, and conditions hereinafter <br />specified. <br />Section 1. Designation <br />The County, on behalf of the Jefferson County Public Health, the Developmental <br />Disabilities Program, acting in compliance under the Contract with ACE -IT in <br />agreement with the terms and conditions of the Statement of Work hereby <br />contracts with the Subcontractor to perform duties as described in Exhibit A. <br />Section 2. Obligations <br />(1) SUBCONTRACTOR shall comply with all state and federal requirements regarding the <br />confidentiality of Client records. Client information is not disclosable to the public. <br />Information acquired pursuant to RCW 71A.14.070 requires a signed Release of Information <br />or a signed Oath of Confidentiality Form. <br />(2) SUBCONTRACTOR is required provide background checks, pursuant to RCW 43.43.830- <br />845, RCW 74.15.030, and Chapter 388-06 WAC, which state that any prospective employee <br />or volunteer who will or may have unsupervised access to a vulnerable person with a <br />developmental disability in the course of his or her employment, or involvement with the <br />business or organization, must have a background/criminal history clearance before they <br />have unsupervised access. The DSHS Background Check Central Unit (BCCU) must be <br />utilized to obtain background clearance. <br />(3) SUBCONTRACTOR shall have written policies regarding sexual harassment and non- <br />discrimination (said policies must guarantee human/civil rights); regarding a person's right <br />to privacy, regarding safeguarding personal information and abuse of participants; <br />regarding agency medication procedure; regarding respectful staff -to -participant <br />interactions (i.e.: including a person's right to be treated with dignity and respect free of <br />abuse). <br />(4) SUBCONTRACTOR shall assure that participants, in accordance with Necessary <br />Supplemental Accommodation (NSA) Policy 5.02, have been informed of their rights; <br />what services and benefits may be expected from the program; the program's expectations <br />of them; and, if necessary, shall assure that the participant's family, guardian or advocate <br />is also informed. <br />(5) SUBCONTRACTOR shall have a grievance policy that: <br />• negotiates conflicts and advises participants of grievance procedures <br />• is explained to participants and others in accordance with the NSA, DDA Policy 5.02 <br />• prohibits retaliation for using the grievance process <br />• includes a non -retaliation statement <br />• assure that advocates are available and encourages participants to bring advocates to <br />help negotiate <br />