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New World Systems` <br />rhe Public Sector Sofiivare Company <br />June 16, 2011 <br />Document #: 1575-1 IA4E <br />ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT (Phase la) <br />Ms. Janet Silvus Approved as o form only: <br />JeffCom A <br />81 Elkins Road <br />Port Hadlock, WA 98339 <br />Dear Ms. Silvus: Jefferson Co. Ptosecutor'sioffice <br />New World Systems is pleased to license you additional software per your request. <br />The attached forms (Exhibits AA, A, B and Appendix 1) are to be reviewed and approved by you and/or <br />your authorized representative. They describe the additional software and services you have requested <br />along with the related fees. <br />Other than for the purposes of internal review, we ask that you treat our fees as confidential information. <br />This is due to the competitive nature of our business. <br />The General Terms and Conditions from our original License Agreement are incorporated and continue to <br />apply. Any taxes or fees imposed from the course of this Agreement are the responsibility of the <br />Customer. <br />We thank you for your continued business with New World Systems. We look forward to working on this <br />project with you. <br />ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED TO BY: <br />jEMiNORLD SYSTEMS® CORPORATION <br />l''e =1d) <br />By: <br />Larry . Leinweber, President <br />Date: 0& / , I <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY 911, WASHINGTON <br />(Customer) <br />By: _��kCWZACC -L� <br />Ant f <br />orized Signature Title <br />uth Sig e rt <br />Date: <br />Each individual signing above represents that (s)he has the requisite authority to execute this Agreement on <br />behalf of the organization for which (s)he represents and that all the necessary formalities have been met. <br />The "Effective Date" of this Agreement is the latter of the two dates in the above signature block. <br />PRICING ASSUMES CONTRACT EXECUTION BY JUNE 30, 2011. <br />Corporate: 888 West Big Beaver Road • Suite 600 • Troy • Michigan 48084-4749 • 248-269-1000 • www. <br />1575-11A4E 0616 Phase la 01A4D).doc <br />