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<br />Continued on page S021170 <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY ASSESSOR <br />PARCEL MAP <br />1716 <br />2021 <br />021201001 <br />Tax 110 <br />11.92 a. <br />500.00 <br />021201004 <br />Tax 1 <br />4.38 a. <br />021201001 <br />Gov't Lot 4 (Ls Tax 1 & 110) <br />W/Ease <br />16.97 a. <br />021201003 <br />W 1/2 NE <br />81.16 a. <br />021201002 <br />Gov't Lot 5 <br />39.46 a. <br />The Assessor does not in any way guarantee <br /> the accuracy of the acreage and parcel <br />boundaries depicted on these maps. <br />Parcel size and location is based on <br />02121200 <br />Gov't Lot <br />information available, including recorded <br />6.51 a. <br />surveys, legal descriptions, aerial <br />photographs, and various government <br />1300.20 <br />sources. <br />1300.20 <br />021204015 <br />02121 <br />2 <br />Where this information is insufficient, <br />Tax 57, Ls R/W <br />Gov't L <br />o <br />021204016 <br />7.30 a. <br />parcel boundary locations are estimated. <br />Tax82 <br />Continued on page Q021204 <br />Parcel maps are updated frequently. <br />Please check with the Assessor for the <br />NE <br />efferson <br />J <br />Tax Parcels <br />Lot <br />Map Page <br />Formoreinformation: <br />latest revision. <br />effersonCounty <br />J <br />SEC 20 <br />Q021201 <br />County <br />Subdivision <br />Park <br />Assessor'sOffice <br />1820JeffersonSt. <br />TWP 30N <br />368 <br />PortTownsend,WA98 <br />Tidelands <br />Condominium <br />Assessor <br />s <br /> <br />Revised: <br />RGE 1E <br />0200100Feet <br />1/4/2018 <br />Easements <br />Government Lot <br />