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AGREEMENT <br />Between <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />And <br />DIGGIN' IT! OF PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON <br />r <br />THIS AGREEMENT entered into this t'! day of �k A-2017, by and between Jefferson County, a <br />political subdivision and municipal corporation of the State of Washington, hereinafter referred to as <br />"Jefferson County," and Diggin' It! of Port Townsend, WA 98363, hereinafter referred to as <br />"Contractor;" in mutual desire of the parties hereto that Contractor should undertake and complete a <br />certain Public Works Project on behalf of the Jefferson County, described as follows: <br />Work Order: "280 Fremont Demolition Project" <br />1. Project Designation. Contractor shall undertake the performance of the said Public Works Project in <br />Jefferson County, Washington. The Contractor shall provide all equipment and personnel necessary <br />to A) undertake the work as contemplated by this Agreement and B) complete same in the time frame <br />contemplated by this Agreement. <br />2. Scope of Services. Contractor agrees to perform the scope of work identified on Exhibit A, attached <br />hereto, including the provision of all labor, materials, equipment, and supplies. <br />Time of Performance. Contractor shall commence the work as contemplated by this agreement upon <br />Notice to Proceed and shall pursue the work diligently and continuously until the project is <br />completed. All on -the -ground work must be completed within 30 calendar days after written Notice to <br />Proceed is issued. Should Jefferson County Environmental Public Health determine that the site or <br />weather conditions are unsuitable for the performance of the Contractor's obligations under this <br />Agreement, then the Time of Performance will be extended in time by the number of days equal to <br />the delay.The County shall have sole discretion to determine the length of the delay and shall <br />promptly convey to Contractor its determination that the delay has ended. <br />4. Manner of Performing Work. Contractor has examined the site of work and has decided the manner <br />for performing all necessary labor. Contractor is aware that the work vicinity is a residential <br />neighborhood and care must be taken to prevent unreasonable disturbance. <br />5. Character of Materials. Contractor has examined the site of work and has recognized and determined <br />the character of the materials to be encountered, demolished and removed. <br />6. Permits. Contractor shall pay for, obtain, and satisfy all necessary permits to undertake the work as <br />contemplated by this Agreement unless specified otherwise in the bid documents. <br />7. Agency Notifications. Contractor shall give appropriate notification to all necessary governmental <br />agencies of its intention to undertake the work contemplated by this Agreement, which notifications <br />shall be in addition to any other requirements of other said agencies. Contractor shall provide a copy <br />of such notices to Jefferson County Environmental Public Health. <br />