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vo( <br />Sheo 1 of <br />1' 20 1 7 <br />Ordered ount, Fnginw ander term-, of <br />0J <br />i)-O—ed <br />.JEFFERSON COC NTN <br />DUPARTNIENT OF PUBILK: WORKS <br />CHANGE ORDER <br />Affordable kiphait Company <br />F— <br />B", <br />-Dale <br />Change <br />Order No <br />Contract No Xt)261( <br />Affordable Asphalt Company <br />Attn- Michael Sets <br />855 Trosper Rd. SOJ #108-248 <br />Olvmota, WA 98512 <br />P-Ojivct iffle] 201' Pavement <br />Marking <br />TNs; contract is revised as follows: <br />Thi; change order revises, he existing quantities of work in pay items I through 12. <br />The quantity increases are at the request and/or direction of County Project, Staff, <br />The net change in contract cost is cumulative over pay items I through 12, <br />This revision does not change the unit pricing of any contract: tem. <br />Further, this change order provides an additional three 43i contract working days, increasing the <br />originallewisting number of contract working days from twenty-five 1251 to twenty -erg rit,1281, <br />The increase in the number of contract working days is at the request of the contractor, and by <br />recomm.enclation of the County Project Staff. <br />'has change order is necessary in order to comply with an exist ng Jefferson County Public Works policy <br />V! *ork rriater-iak and mca uremerrt to 1h in accvrdwscc it it'i th: pr,,% is ersa c4T h,: >tandar6l ;pec l ficanun, and pecia! prtn ,,ori <br />che type of conbtrucnon or work involved. <br />%ITRU: <br />1ARRE\ <br />FST"4ATED <br />i est fM!\ f rml) <br />Date <br />,VPRW, ki RE-,(`)%4-0FNUF D <br />NET CT LAIGE <br />TO (AL <br />LZ <br />k "101, N T <br />mis oRw R <br />\Vi it (. i 0,NG f <br />19 <br />SIC)l 7 5 <br />CUIREI 1 <br />IT r T 7ji, 1 <br />A, "ON rRAC I <br />FVVE <br />CO'ITRACT TINIF <br />HAV;E iAodiDei) <br />NNit- <br />i}tdays <br />2 � ddvs <br />3 daN's <br />2,N days <br />%ITRU: <br />N� 7, <br />(–� <br />Date <br />,VPRW, ki RE-,(`)%4-0FNUF D <br />LZ <br />A I' PR M, 31i - titEtiPEU L <br />)ate <br />omn,r-i e,y tklte <br />