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�nl -TV 915.1� <br />Agreement Number: <br />Local Agency A&E Professional Services <br />Negotiated Hourly Rate Consultant Agreement <br />Firm/Organization Legal Name (do not use dba's): <br />Alta Planning+ Design, Inc. <br />Address <br />Federal Aid Number <br />711 Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214 <br />N/A <br />UBI Number <br />Federal TIN or SSN Number <br />602660754 <br />68-0465555 <br />Execution Date <br />Completion Date <br />Exhibit H <br />December 31, 2020 <br />1099 Form Required <br />Federal Participation <br />❑i Yes ❑ No <br />❑ Yes No <br />Project Title <br />Olympic Discovery Trail- Discovery Bay to Larry Scott Trail Connection Preferred Route Report <br />Description of Work <br />Identify the preferred route for the non -motorized, multi -use, Olympic Discovery Trail <br />(ODT) connecting the Milo Curry Road terminus of the Larry Scott Trail with the existing ODT segment <br />located in Discovery Bay. <br />Maximum Amount Payable: $133.901.00 <br />Index of Exhibits <br />Exhibit A <br />Scope of Work <br />Exhibit C <br />Preparation and Delivery of Electronic Engineering and Other Data <br />Exhibit D <br />Prime Consultant Cost Computations <br />Exhibit E <br />Sub -consultant Cost Computations <br />Exhibit F <br />Title VI Assurances <br />Exhibit G <br />Certification Documents <br />Exhibit H <br />Liability Insurance Increase <br />Exhibit I <br />Alleged Consultant Design Error Procedures <br />Exhibit J <br />Consultant Claim Procedures <br />Agreement Number: <br />Local Agency A&E Professional Services Negotiated Hourly Rate Consultant Agreement Page 1 of 14 <br />Revised 11/01/2017 <br />