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Habitat Management Plan <br />Grau Property <br />384 Forest Drive <br /> Brinnon, WA 98320 <br /> <br />April3,2002 <br /> <br />Prepared by: <br /> <br />Kathleen W. Smayda, Biologist <br />Smayda Environmental Associates, Inc. <br />139 NE 61st St, Seattle, WA 98115 <br />206-522-6199 <br /> <br />1. Introduction <br /> <br />The Grau property is located at 384 Forest Drive in Brinnon, Washington. It is listed as <br />Jefferson County tax parcel # 502-313-050. An unnamed, seasonal stream runs through <br />the property, entering a culvert about 50 feet south of the northeast comer of the property. <br />This Type 5 stream does not support fish, but enters the fish-bearing waters of Hood Canal <br />within 1/4 mile of the eastern property boundary. <br /> <br />The Grau's propose to construct a single family home on the site. The comers of the <br />proposed structure have been located on the ground by the landowner. A portion of the <br />proposed exterior deck on the north side of the home will be located within the county- <br />designated 50-foot streamside buffer. This report provides details on the locations of the <br />streamside buffer and the proposed structure, and provides a proposal to use buffer <br />averaging and enhancement of the forested habitat to offset the buffer width reduction. <br /> <br />2. Type 5 Stream and Streamside Buffer <br /> <br />Figure 1 shows the location of the Type 5 stream on the Grau property. The seasonal <br />stream enters the property about midway along the western property boundary and <br />continues generally northeast across the property, exiting via a culvert near the northeast <br />comer. Previously, an additional 20' length of 18" culvert pipe enclosed the stream near <br />the eastern property boundary; this culvert was washed out during winter 2001-2002, <br />exposing the stream bed. <br /> <br />A smaller side drainage joins the stream in the northwest quarter of the property, draining <br />from a recently clear-cut slope above. The stream is incised and actively eroding <br />downward, apparently at least in part as a result of the recent clearcut. <br /> <br /> <br />