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Professional Services Agreement for Professional Services <br />Related to Siting, Designing, Construction and Operation of <br />Commercial Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Facilities <br />THIS AGREEMENT is entered into between the County of Jefferson, a municipal corporation, <br />hereinafter referred to as "the County", and C. Vargas & Associates, LTD., hereinafter referred <br />to as "the Consultant," in consideration of the mutual benefits, terms, and conditions hereinafter <br />specified. <br />1. Project Designation. The Consultant is retained by the County to provide information on the <br />siting, designing, construction and operation of commercial indoor and outdoor shooting <br />facilities to protect and preserve the continued viability of commercial shooting facilities in <br />Jefferson County in the face of increasing population pressures and density and conflicting <br />land uses. <br />2. Scope of Services. Consultant agrees to perform the services, identified in Section 2 of the <br />RFP at Exhibit "A" attached hereto. <br />3. Time for Performance. Work under this Agreement shall commence upon the giving of a <br />Board of County Commissioners approved and signed agreement by the County to the <br />Consultant to proceed. Consultant shall perform all services and provide all work product <br />required pursuant to this Agreement on an as required and as scheduled basis. <br />4. PMMent. The Consultant shall be paid by the County for completed work and for services <br />rendered under this Agreement, as follows: <br />4.1. Payment for the work provided by Consultant shall be made as provided in the <br />Consultant's proposal at Exhibit `B" attached hereto, provided that the total amount <br />of payment to Consultant shall not exceed $40,000 for professional services and three <br />on site visits without express written modification of this Agreement signed by the <br />County. <br />4.2. The consultant may submit invoices to the County once per month during the <br />progress of the work for partial payment for project completed to date, up to 80% of <br />total project costs. Such vouchers will be checked by the County, and upon approval <br />thereof, payment will be made to the Consultant in the amount approved. <br />4.3. Final payment of any balance due the Consultant of the total contract price earned <br />will be made promptly upon its ascertainment and verification by the County after the <br />completion of the work under this Agreement and its acceptance by the County. <br />4.4. Payment as provided in this section shall be full compensation for work performed, <br />services rendered and for all materials, supplies, equipment and incidentals necessary <br />to complete the work. <br />