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�c .C,5: 'A . <br />AMENDMENT <br />ORIGINAL AGREEMENT - AV Capture ALL — 020518 <br />AV Capture All, Inc., hereinafter called "Licensor", and Jefferson County, WA, hereinafter called <br />"Subscriber," agree to amend agreement "AV Capture ALL — 020518," as set forth below under "Terms of <br />Amendment". <br />TERMS OF AMENDMENT: Licensor will provide Subscriber with an additional Judicial Combo license under <br />the same terms of the existing agreement. The price of the new combo license will be $50/Mo, discounted <br />from $99/Mo, and will be added to the existing subscription price. The combo license is to be installed <br />on the shared Recording PC in the Council Chambers. <br />All other terms and conditions of the original contract shall remain in effect. <br />AV Capture All, Inc. Jefferson County, WA <br />Print Name: Chad Swanson <br />Title: CEO <br />Date: 03/20/2018 <br />By: <br />Print Name: <br />1 <br />Title <br />Dat <br />By: <br />Prii <br />Title: Chairman <br />Date: 31—) <br />K <br />C6:, -F- <br />Or <br />C� • � C; v � Qom„ }y Pte, �., >� �� <br />/ � h <br />