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CONTRACT AGREEMENT <br />Between <br />Jefferson County Public Health <br />And Apiary Digital <br />Section 1: PURPOSE <br />This AGREEMENT for professional services is by and between Jefferson County Public Health, <br />herein "COUNTY", and Apiary Digital, herein "CONTRACTOR", for the purpose of providing <br />setup, developing, improving, and auditing technical search engine optimization for the Jefferson <br />County Public Health Family Planning program. <br />Section 2: TERMS <br />This AGREEMENT shall commence on March 21, 2018 and continue through June 30, 2018. <br />Work performed consistent with this Agreement during its term, but prior to the adoption of this <br />Agreement, is hereby ratified. <br />Section 3: SCOPE OF AGREEMENT <br />CONTRACTOR will function as a Subcontractor to COUNTY and provide services as outlined <br />herein in Exhibit A. <br />Section 4: AGREEMENT REPRESENTATIVES <br />The COUNTY and the CONTRACTOR will each have agreement representatives who will have <br />the responsibility to administer the agreement for that party. Representatives are as follows: <br />COUNTY <br />Veronica Shaw, Deputy Director <br />Jefferson County Public Health <br />615 Sheridan Street <br />Port Townsend, WA 98368 <br />360-385-9400 <br />CONTRACTOR <br />Karen Amundson, Managing Member <br />Apiary Digital, LLC <br />20101 NE 186th Court <br />Woodinville, WA 98077 <br />415-758-1859 <br />Section 5: COMPENSATION <br />CONTRACTOR will be reimbursed for all work performed under the terms of this Agreement. <br />The total amount payable under this Agreement by COUNTY to CONTRACTOR shall not exceed <br />$5,000.00 for the completion of the Scope of Work detailed in Exhibit A. <br />CONTRACTOR will submit invoices, for actual expenses, to Jefferson County Public Health, 615 <br />Sheridan Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368, Attn: Finance. <br />Invoices must be submitted no more than monthly by the 2nd Monday of the month for the <br />previous month's expenses. COUNTY will review such invoices, and upon approval, payment will <br />be made to CONTRACTOR in the amount approved within 30 days. <br />Apiary Digital: Search Engine Optimization Page 1 of 7 <br />