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i��� biro: -1 C s = �cA-. ‘ ei. 6•31 IIiftiA ,a6 . <br /> ' AGREEMENT FOR THE USE OF FACILITIES AS MASS CARE SHELTERS <br /> This Agreement is made and entered into by and between the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Red <br /> Cross,hereinafter referred to as"Red Cross",and JEFFERSON COUNTY,A WASHINGTON MUNICIPAL <br /> CORPORATION, hereinafter referred to as"County",acting through the Board of County Commissioners. <br /> Recitals <br /> Pursuant to the terms of federal statutes,the Red Cross provides emergency services on behalf of individuals and <br /> families who are victims of disaster.Jefferson County community center managers are authorized to permit the <br /> Red Cross to use County owned community center buildings, grounds,and equipment for mass care shelters <br /> required in the conduct of Red Cross Disaster Services activities,and to cooperate with the Red Cross for such <br /> purposes. <br /> The parties hereto mutually desire to reach and understanding that will result in making the aforesaid facilities of <br /> the County available to the Red Cross for the aforesaid use.Now,therefore, it is mutually agreed between the <br /> parties as follows: <br /> 1. The County agrees that,after meeting its responsibilities to citizens,pupils,parishioners,members, or <br /> clients, it will permit,to extent of its ability and upon request by the Red Cross,the use of its physical <br /> facilities by the Red Cross as mass shelters for the victims of disasters. The Red Cross agrees to <br /> coordinate with the manager of each community center for use of said facility. It is the sole <br /> responsibility of the Red Cross to keep a current list of contact names and phone numbers for each <br /> County owned community center. <br /> 2. The Red Cross agrees that it shall exercise reasonable care in the conduct of its activities in such <br /> facilities and further agrees to replace or reimburse the County and/or Community Center managers for <br /> any foods or supplies that may be used by the Red Cross in the conduct of its relief activities in said <br /> mass shelters. <br /> 3. This Agreement shall be for a term of five years commencing on May n, 2014 and ending on May <br /> 2-1 ,2019. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF,the Board of County Commissioners has caused this instrument to be executed by <br /> and in the name of said County of Jefferson the day and year first above written. The American Red Cross has <br /> caused this agreement to be executed by the Olympic Peninsula Chapter. <br /> Dated this 027 11 day of my , 2014 <br /> Olympic Peninsula Chapter,American Red Cross Jefferson Coun., :oard of Commissioners <br /> (-------6 <br /> a-A—C 11 <br /> David A. Rasmussen,Disaster Program Manager Joh ustin, Chairman <br /> SEAL: , . `, `';a, <br /> i (- v:tr 4.; 0 , <br /> ATES'I: `_ 'y • N pproved as to only: <br /> / :,.,' Ai ' , 0• ', OURrLAI a SI)//Li <br /> 0 <br /> Carolyn.Ave/ '•;tr ACX / .', / David Alvarez Date <br /> Deputy Clerk of the Board Deputy Prosecuting Attorney <br />