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ictk1 ) �y► _ A' --fa).. / . <br /> JEFFERSON COUNTY <br /> Sheet: I of 2 DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS Change 1 <br /> Date: 6/25/2018 CHANGE ORDER Order No.: <br /> Ordered by County Engineer under terms of <br /> ❑X Section I -04.4 of the Standard Specifications Contract No.: 180 542 20490 <br /> []Change proposed by Contractor To: <br /> Apply-A-Line, LLC <br /> 175 Roy Rd.SW <br /> Endorsed by: Apply-A-Line,LLC <br /> ontractor Finn Name Bldg.C <br /> 06!26/18 Pacific WA.98047 <br /> Signature Date <br /> Michael Liljestr ,CEO <br /> Title <br /> Consent given by Surety:(when required/ Project Title: 2018 Pavement Marking <br /> Jefferson County Roads <br /> By <br /> Attorney-in-fact Date <br /> You are ordered to perforin the following described work upon receipt of an approved copy of this change order: <br /> -Replace all solvent-based paint products originally specified for use on this project and under this contract,with the Standard <br /> Fast Dry Waterborne paint products described on the Contractor submitted Request for Approval of Material form dated <br /> 6/14/2018(copy attached)_ <br /> -Provide and install the replacement materials described above,in the quantities originally specified in the Project Bid <br /> Proposal for this contract,and at the revised unit costs for those bid items as described in the attached Exhibit A. <br /> All work materials and measurement to be in accordance with the provisions of the standard specifications and special provision <br /> for the type of construction involved. <br /> ORIGINAL CURRENT ESTIMATED ESTIMATED <br /> CONTRACT CONTRACT NET CHANGE CONTRACT TOTAL <br /> AMOUNT; AMOUNT: THIS ORDER: AFTER CHANGE: <br /> $306,823.89 $306,823.89 $19,291.70 $287,532.19 <br /> ORIGINAL CURRENT CONTRACT TIME NEW CONTRACT <br /> CONTRACT TIME: CONTRACT TIME: CHANGE(Add/Del): TIME: <br /> Twenty-five(25) Twenty-five(25) N/A Twenty-five(25) <br /> working days working days working days <br /> APPROVA Ri=COMMEND[D Alp <br /> APPRtfv, ENDED <br /> Project:4 • r Date County l ng '1 Date <br /> AP[j1UV' t'OMMENDED APP �i <br /> / 7 .7/ - <br /> • <br /> ..-,,,i1 WM. 44,11 7' i a <br /> Engine;7q .` ices Manager nate Chair,Jeferson County Commission <br /> F. ers Dale <br />