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L.J. <br /> r <br /> ttI f‘l:sd AMENDMENT TWO <br /> �� To the Professional Services Agreement by and between <br /> JEFFERSON COUNTY,WASHINGTON <br /> AND <br /> CABOT DOW ASSOCIATES,INC. <br /> THIS AMENDMENT TWO is made and entered into this day of ,2018,by and <br /> between Jefferson County, a municipal corporation in the State of Was ' n, "the County"),and <br /> Cabot Dow Associates,Inc., a Corporation in the State of Washington("Consul ant"),collectively referred to <br /> herein as the"Parties". <br /> WITNESS THAT: <br /> WHEREAS,the Parties entered into a contract for services of a salary and compensation study("Original <br /> Agreement")dated September 25,2017,whereby Consultant will furnish such services to Jefferson County in <br /> accordance to the Contract Documents; and <br /> WHEREAS,The Agreement term is from September 25,2017 through June 30,2018;and <br /> WHEREAS,The Parties desire to amend the Scope of Work to include additional assistance with an employee <br /> position review process; <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,in consideration of the terms,conditions,covenants and performances contained herein <br /> or attached and incorporated and made a part hereof,the Parties agree as follows: <br /> 1.00 TERM <br /> The term of the Original Agreement is hereby extended through August 31,2018. <br /> 2.00 SCOPE OF WORK AMENDMENT <br /> The Scope of Work shall be supplemented,as provided in Exhibit A. <br /> 3.00 FEE AMENDMENT <br /> The total fee for the Agreement shall be increased to$51,570 to accommodate the additional Scope of Work. <br /> 4.00 ORIGINAL AGREEMENT <br /> All other articles of the Original Agreement,not amended herein,remain in full force and effect. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF,the Parties hereto by their duly authorized representatives have executed this <br /> Agreement as of the day and year first above written. <br /> JEFFERSON IUNTY, WASHINGTON <br /> CABOT DOW ASSOCIATES,INC. BOARD 0 • T CO ISSI NERS <br /> Pp: s�✓',c-�: .�.t1,. ,., <br /> Ir <br /> Cabot Dow,President David Sullivan,Chair <br /> 6/27/18 771/ <br /> Date Date <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> 0? c 41.44,-- 64-,//6 <br /> Philip Hunsucker,Chief Civil Deputy <br /> Prosecuting Attorney <br />