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AMEND ;TO THE . <br />INTERLOC COOPS ON AGREEMENT FOR <br />THE CREATION OF ACOUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS <br />THIS AMENDMENT, made and entered into this 191' day of April, 2001 by and between <br />counties of Grays Harbor, Pacific, Jefferson and Clallam, hereinafter collectively referred to as <br />parties, WITNESSETH: <br />WHEREAS, the parties formed a council of governments (COG) on the 28th day of July, <br />1976 to facilitate the organization and operation of an Area Agency on Aging (Designated PSA <br />No. 1 of the Department of Social and Health Services Aging Network) and; <br />WHEREAS, RCW Chapter 39.34, entitled the Interlocal Cooperation Act, permits local <br />government units to make the most effective use of their power by enabling them to cooperate <br />with other local governmental units on the basis of mutual advantage, and thereby provide <br />planning and administrative services in a manner that will accord best with the geographic, <br />economic and population factors, and; <br />WHEREAS, the Older Americans Act of 1965 as now and hereafter amended, and RCW <br />Title 74.38 provide for the establishment of Area Agencies within regional areas within the state, <br />and; <br />IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual promises and covenants contained in the Interlocal <br />Agreement, the parties agree as follows: <br />FISCAL MANAGEMENT: <br />The Office of the Treasurer of Jefferson County will provide treasurer functions for <br />the Olympic Area Agency on Aging, including holding funds in an investment <br />account and making disbursements to the Olympic Area Agency on Aging via <br />mutually agreed upon warrant payment procedures. Both parties shall follow such <br />directions and audits as performed by the Washington State Auditor or such <br />independent fiscal auditors hired by the Council of Governments to audit its fiscal <br />operations. <br />PASSED AND ADOPTED This 19a' day of April, 2001. <br />FOR THE OLYMPIC AREA AGENCY ON AGING COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS: <br />Chair <br />