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to Tn-1•31 )f-z4iN '.:Pf-CONTRACT AMENDMENT#1 <br /> CC': C (V (;) By and Between <br /> JEFFERSON COUNTY and CENTRUM <br /> For Hotel-Motel Funding 2018 <br /> This Amendment#1 is by and between JEFFERSON COUNTY (hereinafter known as <br /> "COUNTY") and CENTRUM. <br /> WHEREAS,the COUNTY and CENTRUM entered into an Agreement on February 12, 2018 <br /> for Hotel-Motel Funding in 2018; and <br /> WHEREAS, the parties desire to amend the terms of that Agreement; and <br /> WHEREAS,on April 20,2018 the Jefferson County Lodging Tax Advisory Committee(LTAC) <br /> was advised that additional Lodging Tax revenue was projected to be available for appropriation in 2018 <br /> without reducing historic fund balances; and <br /> WHEREAS,the LTAC reviewed and recommended$10,000 in additional funding be awarded <br /> to CENTRUM to support greater delivery of services under the Agreement; <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, IT IS AGREED BETWEEN BOTH PARTIES AS NAMED HEREIN <br /> that the Agreement executed on February 12, 2018 is hereby amended as follows: <br /> 1. "Section 1: Services To Be Performed"is hereby amended as follows: <br /> CENTRUM shall use its capabilities and utilize up to $20,000 of funding provided under this <br /> Agreement to continue and update the ongoing performance of the tourism promotion services <br /> consistent with the Itemized List of Promotion Services and Lodging Tax Budget,a copy of <br /> which is incorporated herein and attached as Exhibit A. <br /> CENTRUM shall use its capabilities and utilize up to an additional $10,000 of funding provided <br /> under this Agreement to perform the tourism promotion services consistent with Exhibit C, <br /> attached hereto and incorporated herein with the understanding that CENTRUM may adjust the <br /> value season media buys at its discretion to maximize effectiveness,and CENTRUM shall also <br /> provide tourism links as an automatic pop up or email upon confirmation of online ticket sales, <br /> and will include a tab or banner on its web page promoting links to Jefferson County tourism, <br /> consistent with the tourism links suggestions provided by the COUNTY. Work performed <br /> consistent with this Amendment#1 including Exhibit C prior to the execution of this <br /> Amendment#1 is hereby ratified. <br /> 2. Paragraph 2. of"Section 3: Responsibility Of Jefferson County"of the February 12, 2018 <br /> Agreement is hereby amended as follows: <br /> 2. Said funding for services in Exhibit A of the February 12,2018 Agreement is in the <br /> sum of$20,000 for 2018. Payments will be made by the COUNTY upon receipt of <br /> an invoice on the next available billing cycle. Funding for services in Exhibit C is in <br /> the sum of an additional amount of$10,00 for 2018,paid in a lump sum to <br /> CENTRUM upon execution of Contract Amendment#1. Payments are to be <br />