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Jefferson County Department of Community Development Contract for Fire Code Official and Plan <br />Review Services <br />1. THIS CONTRACT is made by and between Jefferson County Department of Community Development, <br />hereinafter referred to as «The County n, and Thomas L. Aumock, hereinafter referred to as the <br />c Contractor » . <br />2. Contractor is an independent contractor and not an agent or employee of County. Contractor has no <br />authority to enter into contracts or agreements on behalf of County. Contractor shall not be precluded <br />from entering into a contract of employment or into another independent service contract provided that <br />the Contractor retains the ability to perform the provisions of this agreement. <br />3. Contractor: Thomas L. Aumock, dba Aumock Designworks, 2303 Hendricks Street, Port Townsend, <br />Washington 98368, City of Port Townsend License No. 000572 and <br />Washington State UBI No.601 063 395, National Fire Protection Association Accreditation No. <br />94035N103187P002 as Fire Inspector 11. Contractor warrants and represents that Contractor is in <br />compliance with all federal, state and local laws regarding business permits, professional requirements <br />and licenses that may be required to perform the work as set forth in this Agreement. <br />4. The Contractor will provide the services as set forth in the Contractor's attached Scope of Work, which is <br />incorporated as part of this contract and specifies the duties and responsibilities of the Contractor. All <br />changes during the contract period must have written approval of the Director of the Department of <br />Community Development. <br />5_ This contract is effective on the date of mutual execution of the partes and shall remain in effect until <br />terminated in accordance with the termination provisions herein. <br />6. The Contract may be terminated by either party without cause, upon thirty [30] day written notice, in <br />which event all finished and unfinished work products, reports or other material , or work of the <br />Contractor shall be submitted to the Department of Community Development Director. <br />7. All rights and obligations of the parties to this contract shall be subject to and governed by the terms and <br />conditions contained in the text of this contract and the contractor's work program, which is hereby <br />incorporated as part of this contract. <br />8. The County shall pay the contractor for the stipulated services as follows: <br />a. Hourly rate of $50.00 per hour in accordance with this contract and the Scope of Work, and, <br />b. Contractor will control and direct the manner and means by which the services are to be performed. <br />However, the work hours are not to exceed an average of 25 hours per month for the duration of the <br />contract, provided the terms of this contact and the Scope of Work have been met and approved by <br />the Director of the Department of Community Development. <br />9. Contractor shall not be treated as an employee with respect to the services performed pursuant to this <br />Agreement for federal or state tax purposes. Contractor understands that Contractor is responsible for <br />complying with all federal, state and local tax laws, Social Security and Medicare contributions relating to <br />compensation under this Agreement. <br />10. Any additional services provided by the Contractor shall have prior written approval of the Director of the <br />Department of Community Development. <br />11. The Contractor shall submit invoices monthly, by the 5th of each month, together with an approved time <br />log/ tracking spreadsheet. When requested or necessary, the Contractor is to provide a written and/or <br />vernal report to the Director of the Department of Community Development on the status of the work <br />program. <br />12. All billing and documentation shall be submitted to the administration office of Jefferson County <br />Department of Community Development. <br />929/2006 <br />