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';'· ~ NORTHWESTERN TERRITORIES, INC. <br /> Engineers · Land Surveyors · Planners <br /> Construction Coordination · Materials Testing <br /> <br /> ii "-:/~ , ~.. ...... ........... :~:~. <br /> May 19, 1999 <br /> <br /> _ <br /> Sue Theiss ' ..... <br /> Jefferson Oounty Permit Oenter <br /> 624 Sheridan Street <br /> Po~ Townsend WA 98368 <br /> <br /> Subject: Prospect View Estates- Drainage <br /> <br /> Dear Ms. Theiss: <br /> <br /> The developers of Prospect View Estates have made roadway drainage modifications <br /> to various streets as discussed with Jefferson County Public Works Department <br /> personnel earlier this year. These activities, along with-similar work to be performed by <br /> another land owner to the west, will substantially redirect the street drainage south of <br /> Prospect Avenue and east of Elston Avenue. The net result is to reduce the water <br /> currently reaching the bluff area by an estimated 75%. This work is consistent with the <br /> recommendations contained in the May 18, 1999, Geologic Report prepared by G. W. <br /> Thorsen, Consulting Geologist, which is attached hereto as an appendix. <br /> <br /> Storm water had been flowing southeasterly to ElSton Avenue soUth of Cascade <br /> Avenue and onward to the bluff where it had-caused some erosion south of the <br /> Prospect View Estates project. The installation of Jefferson County standard ditches <br /> and culverts will redirect the runoff to a more natural southerly direction for sheet flow <br /> disbursal within an unopened county-road right-of-way along the more gentle slope <br /> towards Chimacum Creek. The attached drawing illustrates the flow routes. This will <br /> allow natural biologic water treatment such as a bio-swale and, ultimately, the water will <br /> be disposed of by absorption. <br /> <br /> It is anticipated that this drainage revision will not only reduce the potential for bluff <br /> erosion, but also improve the vicinity's water quality by providing biological filtering. <br /> However, as a "safety net" if erosion is experienced, there is sufficient area in the un' <br /> opened right of way of Main Street between Elston and OlYmpic Avenues to install a <br /> sufficiently sized infiltration gallery (dry-well) for the disposal of the roadway runoff. <br /> <br /> 717 SOUTH PEABODY, PORT ANGELES, WA 98362 (360) 452-8491 1-800:654-5545 FAX 452-8498 <br /> <br /> <br />