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­' 11 <br />Organization and Address <br />Supplemenal Agreement <br />Number 4 <br />BERK Consultants, Inc. <br />2200 Sixth Avenue, Suite #1000 <br />Seattle, WA 98121 <br />Agreement Number <br />Project Number <br />Phone <br />(206)324-8760 <br />Project Title <br />Contract Current Contract Estimated Contract <br />Professional Services Agreement for <br />Not to Exceed: Balance: Supplement: <br />Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review <br />$68,670.00 $2,164.28 $2,000 <br />Description <br />Supplement No. 4 to Professional Services Agreement for the Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review is appended <br />with: (1) "Exhibit L Supplement to the Scope of Services" adding new subtask under Task 4; (2) "Exhibit M <br />Supplement to the Budget" adding an additional $2,000 to overall contract cost in support of the Supplement; <br />and (3) "Exhibit N Supplement to the Schedule" describing an extension to the Time for Performance from <br />December 31, 2018 to March 31, 2019, adding 90 days. <br />The Local Agency of Jefferson Counter desires to supplement the agreement entered into <br />with BERK Consultants, Inc. and executed on February 5, 2018 and <br />identified as Agreement No. Professional Services Contract for Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review <br />All provisions in the basic Professional Services Contract, dated 2/5/2018, remain in effect except as <br />expressly modified by this supplement. <br />The changes to the agreement are described as follows: <br />Section 2. Scope of Services, is hereby changed to read as follows: <br />Consultant agrees to perform the necessary services and produce draft and final products on a high-level <br />scoping document on what, from a management and policy perspective are the regulatory reform and <br />policy resolution opportunities in the substance and administration of the draft Jefferson County Critical <br />Areas Ordinance (CAO) update and what additional policy solutions may be available for the agricultural <br />provisions of the CAO. <br />II <br />Section 3. Time for Performance, is hereby changed to read as follows: <br />Work under this contract shall commence upon thei´┐Ż ving of written notice by the County to the <br />Consultant to proceed. Consultant receipt of a Purchase Order shall constitute said notice. "Consultant <br />shall perform all services and provide all work product required pursuant to this agreement to a date not to <br />exceed March 31, 2019." <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />